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License? - UKnowMe? - 2012-12-12

Hello guys,

I recently saw on an AC-Clan-Forum, that AC Reloaded is infringing the AssaultCube license. Well, I don't looked very well at the license, but as far as I understood it, it says, it may only distributed umodified on any media. Is this right or is everything okay?

RE: License? - Daleth - 2012-12-12

AssaultCube Reloaded is in no way violating any licensing. What happened was when ACR first began to come into existence, the people at AC got upset. So after a while they changed their licensing. ACR is based on AC when it was under the ZLIB open source license ( and therefore is not breaking any license or infringing. AC developers have only recently changed the license to a ZLIB-like open source license.
I plan to write a HUGE and EXHAUSTIVE explaination of all of this in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

RE: License? - Victor - 2012-12-12

Their source is still under the zlib Licence.

Their "other stuff" is semi-free, and all remaining copyright issues are placed in the packages/README.txt of ACR.

Moved to "Copyright Complaints" because it is regarding the copyright. We run this place for them to complain about the copyright. Our policy: if the original author of any copyrighted content complains, we remove it immediately. So far, none of them have done so.