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RE: the Scar L is here :D - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-03-15

"haha it sucks, im trying to get it right on my own, no one is making suggestions towards it or answering my queries on using the whole image like the muzzle flash idea :L its, "its not right" "not right yet" or debates on how an eotech accually works :L if people dont really care for nit picking and pin pointed realism like me ( to some extent) then they can have the eotech on whatever model they want :L ive made the m203 for the rpg aswell but it isnt alling me to use iron sights unless i fire the rpg :/ strange"

Hm... Can you describe the muzzle flash thing? I'll look at it again, but it takes a while downloading things into my school computer (f*cking IT douche). I'm not a programmer, so i can't be much help with the RPG fix. =(


So I just downloaded and extracted it and moved it and got the SCAR tan skin. Anyways, the muzzle flash looks normal. It's not centered on the EOTech reticle.

BTW, there's a specialized EOTech for grenade launcher.
I haven't seen one on a M230/M320/EGLM though. But it would be fun seeing it in a game. I always love it when other games get things right before CoD rips it off and CoD nerds claim they found it. For example, MoH Warfighter's dual sights. I run the same thing on my .22 tactical plinkster (bushnell 2x scope, iron sight on 45 degree offset). While i'm pretty sure we're not gonna get that in this game, one can always wish. =D
Btw, the dual sights system was developed by a training firm that used to custom make the system. Then 3-gun competitors used it. Now it's getting ripped off and even put into airsoft. -___-


RE: the Scar L is here :D - Padge1 - 2013-03-15

Ill have a go at that sight Smile the muzzle flash thing...

The muzzle flash image is a muzzle flash on black, the engine keys the black out to make it transparent, if we could set it up in such a way that when the sight is brought up, a sight reticule is brought up and held in the middle, that would solve the whole floating thing :L plus save a few polys and extra textures... It make sense in my head :L

Sight reticule on black is what i meant to say :L

RE: the Scar L is here :D - Victor - 2013-03-15

I'm not sure how to use graphics code for red-dot/holographic sights.

RE: the Scar L is here :D - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-03-15
Hey padge1, this is a older file from AC that someone made. Do you think your EOTech can be as.... detailed as his? LOL, i don't really mind it if it takes more time, but wow, this thing looks nice!

I'm going to upload a pic of the M32GL's HWS soon. The first game where I saw it in full detail is in GRAW 2 PC.
EDIT: nvm, I just opened it up, and it slightly different. I can't confirm whether or not this is the M32GL in real life. Included is a link of somebody else uploading the M32GL pics. It is what I am seeing on my game too. The point of impact is the top arrow, so that also might be a problem.
Here's one real life picture of the M32GL's HWS
Maybe the M230 should just have a regular iron sight or a little reticule. LOL even I'm getting confused.
This is Medal of Honor: Warfighter's M32 sight.

Yeah, maybe it should just be a regular leaf/ladder sight.
Here's a video from Project reality of the leaf/ladder sight for the GL.


RE: the Scar L is here :D - Padge1 - 2013-03-20

[Image: dta_zps5999aa24.jpg]

for DSO Wink

RE: the Scar L is here :D - -{ET}-xdEpicZombie - 2013-03-21

Hey delta,about the ar15 holo sight.Actually it is not that detailed model at all.Assault Cube and its modders have stuck in the thinking that every polygin and vertex you add will be so bad and so laggy.So what they do is they make extermely low poly guns,look at the originals,they dont have the other side cuz "The game has been made for slower computers" and what so ever.As i said models are bad but they try to make very good textures.Matasar has definitly done it.Model isnt detailed at all.Its like a box,BUT the texture makes it look nice.Why is this working at all?In counter strike or whatever game it wouldnt work becouse ac and acr has terrible lighting and shading,solid box with a good texture will look like that too.What i actually mean and whats the point of all this little text here is that we are at this point that far,our game sucks at many different places.Shading,lighting,animations and so on......No hard feelings Victor.I knnow what you have done to make this game better than regular and old shitty AC,but if we want to change all that and be wicked as hell---we gotta do something,first of all get good models in here,I saw thinker post with new player model what we have to animate-It shouldnt be one man work,lets all try!Then the shading and raising above basic.What i mean by that is our shading and lighting are very very basical,that has to change.This is what anyone cant do and i hope you victor will take it in your hands.So on and on we gotta move to make this game awesome.Maybe if you just read all that you think that i dont like this game at all.Youre wrong,I love this game but i would like to see it more modern and powerful.Look those maps--they are to small,boring and low detail.In my point of view ther could be like only 5 or 6 offical maps but they must me big enough,attractive enough and awesome enough!!Hope you get my point...

Um by the way Victor or any1 else who wants to discust,i have some really good ideas to make this game a little more attractive in this big big world,At this point not many people play and be active in this forum and im afraid they dont cuz all those cool games are coming out like BF3 and GTA V,We gotta do something that makes peeople play and if they see like a video or gameplay,commentary of this game,they will be like hmm nice gonna try it out.Right now its not gonna happen.And i dont like that at all.I can count active players in this forum with my one hand fingers.Something has to motivate them,them who are out there looking for a game to play.I gonna thank you who just read that post Big Grin
And dont forget Im writing here not cuz i hate this game.No not at all.I really like this game and i wish we make it better.

RE: the Scar L is here :D - Victor - 2013-03-21

Actually, if we really want to change shading/lighting, it's easier to move on to another engine... Cube 2 or Red Eclipse?

RE: the Scar L is here :D - -{ET}-xdEpicZombie - 2013-03-21

I dont think thats a good idea.It takes a lot of time and maybe we can get this problem solved some other way.What about the rest of my ideas,are you happy with them?

RE: the Scar L is here :D - Padge1 - 2013-03-21

hey dont put it down too quick Wink cube 2 surely wouldnt be too much of a big leap, it can handle specular maps and stuff so it could be very beneficial. although it just means a bit of homework :/ ill have a look into it Smile all my assets (weapons and such) could surely be placed into cube 2 easily :/

RE: the Scar L is here :D - asmanel - 2013-03-21

The problem, with the Cube 2 Engine, it's more the map is waste or complex, more this engine is slow. It's the main problem of the mod Eisenstern, which use very big maps (where there can be more than one second between two frames). And, on a same if there are bots in game, the game is sharply slower than where you are alone or with only monsters on the map.

I believe develop for ACR the missing stuff you want will make something more efficient than port to the Cube 2 Engine.