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Do not post anything in AC forum! - -{ET}-xdEpicZombie - 2013-04-12

I didn't know where to post it but well yeah...The thing is that if You post anything to Akimbo or Offical AC forums and some guy finds out that you are modding/playing ACR You simply get BANNED and they call you as "FUCKING RETARD"
Theres a link of my post in AssaultCube forums where I asked some help with uvmapping.Take a look at it your self:

Its not right that they treat us like that.Wtf really?!We cant play ACR cuz some guys like Andrez,Boomhauer and Cleaner don't like it.
IDK what you think but if they want to fuck our brains,why no to retreat them back same aswell!

RE: Do not post anything in AC forum! - Victor - 2013-04-13

Here is a transcript before they remove it or modify it to stretch the truth:
(In the future, all edits after April 12, 2013 at 10:05PM were after they realized that you also post to ACR, unless they modify the edit times too)

From what I see, you are just creating a model that works for both AC and ACR, but they refuse to help you (and even, as you've reported, banned you) just because you also release it for ACR. ACR doesn't have a problem if you release models for AC, so why should they have problems with releasing models for ACR?

Also, notice that Boomhauer's comment is homophobic.

RE: Do not post anything in AC forum! - -{ET}-xdEpicZombie - 2013-04-13

Thanks,Victor.Actually I dont give a shit if Boomhauer is homophobic or not cuz im not gay.But it really annoyis me that they really HATE AssaultCube Reloaded.Here is a Pm with me and Cleaner:

Re: About playing assaultcube reloded
To: xdEpicZombie
Because ACR is a rip off from AssaultCube, the guy claim he created the game but he just stole everything, with a breach of every possible licenses.
We (the AC community) have no respect whatsoever for him nor anyone who gets involved with this fucking idiot.

xdEpicZombie Wrote:I dont understand what I did wrong.Cant I play acr?!I made account to that forum too and wrote there my suggestion.Why guys call me retard now wtf?

I have a screenshot of this to so not modified or anything: [Image: xrHuBeM.png]

Blaiming You Victor as a ripper and calling You as a fucking idiot,I really think that theres something up with them and their brains(or whatever do they have up there)
"AC Community" sucks and all of those little motherfuckers can go to hell
Thats what I think.I don't need their help and they aint getting ANY of my upcoming mods!

RE: Do not post anything in AC forum! - Victor - 2013-04-13

His claim is wrong. Here is a fixed version of his quote: "Because ACR is a [mod] of AssaultCube, [I never] claim [I] created the game[,] but [I did not steal anything], with a breach of [no] licences. [They] (the AC community) [should] have [more] respect [for ACR]." They cannot even name one licence that I have broken.

RE: Do not post anything in AC forum! - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-04-13

I have no respect for the AC community. You have stated numerous times that ACR is a mod of AC, and you have never claimed AC as your own.

I refuse to even make an account on AC. Multiplayer's a b*tch because there are so many hackers. I actually like our community of players who mutually respect each other and get along well, as opposed to their bashing and hatred of a mod.

AC was the first portable game I played, but I remember how my fellow students told me it was cheesy. When I showed them ACR, they loved it. It's just so much more modern. And every shooting game should have ADS.

RE: Do not post anything in AC forum! - -{ET}-xdEpicZombie - 2013-04-13

If You compare ACR and AC...I don't know-I can name only one minus of ACR(no multiplayer servers online or only 1 of em) but if it comes to AC I can name tons of them.What is the saddest part of AC,they don't even want to change.Do You guys know whats the only thing they care about-polygon count.And it aint a joke.Sometimes it feels like they are running on Windows Millennium.There are some nice guys there aswell who say sometimes that "guys stop the vertex deleting"(my mk-11 mod in AC forums) but AC-"Devs" really don't give a shit.So they insult anybody and anything thats different.
This is the blacklist filled with hackers names and IP-s.Take a look its 53 pages long!!!!!!!
Assault Cube is full of hackers all the time.Do they do something about it--ofcourse not.AC is deadmeat,not me Victor or ACR
(my post at AC forum-uvmapping problem: Cleaner said thanks to Boomhauer for telling that I have posted to ACR forum,then Cleaner told me that im dead meat)

I got an idea also-Lets make ac-akimbo as a dead meat.Hacking a forum isnt that hard,i could manage Big Grin

RE: Do not post anything in AC forum! - Victor - 2013-04-13

The blacklist thread used to be over over 200 pages for 1.0.

Hacking is illegal, so you will have to do that with your own responsibility. We cannot assist you.

RE: Do not post anything in AC forum! - {KE}bluwarguy - 2013-04-29

Mind if I talk shit on their forum?

RE: Do not post anything in AC forum! - ruler501 - 2013-04-29

It would be better that you not. Why validate their opinions that we are bad people.

RE: Do not post anything in AC forum! - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-04-30

Just leave and let them be. I'm sure AC forums has a thread for each of th active members on ACR Forums talking crap about us (I'm not gonna spend my time reading through that). Let's not do the same. If we let them be, they can be in their own world raging about a mod, while we're here trying to make ACR a better mod.