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Weapon suggestions - dm.mossberg590a1 - 2013-06-05

Hello, I'm new to this forum but I've been playing ACR ever since it started and I have a few things about the gameplay I would like to share. I really like the semi-realistic and fast-paced nature of the game and many of the weapons really rock, but in my opinion, some weapons are really underpowered and make it hard to effectively use.

1. Benelli M4: The model is really great, but I think it might be better if there is a way to use iron sights and if there is a tighter spread for realism. To compensate for the supposed overpowered shotgun, the damage against armor might be reduced (buckshot is not good against armor), hip-firing is less accurate so people are encouraged to use the iron sights, and recoil is increased.

2. M21: This weapon is really really underpowered. It has very little power and the scope makes it really hard to place followup shots. I suggest that the scope either be removable or replace it with iron sights entirely. The Barrett and CheyTac fulfill the roles of snipers very well, and a battle rifle might balance the M21's effectiveness with the M16 and AK47 (since an AK47 with stopping power can kill in one burst). 90% of the maps are very small and the scope offers little advantage in CQB. I also would prefer it if the model was of a plain wood M14 instead of the mall ninja M21 which should take less hard-drive space being lower poly and also look nicer.

3. M16: This weapon is great, but the model is somewhat outdated and the iron sights are pretty unusual. The weapon might instead have red dot sights or EOTechs like the Scar-L model for the AK47. It would also be nice if it used a shorter M4 model.

4. Knives, Swords: When the player tries to knife somebody really close, the models clash and the knife goes through the model and does no damage.

4. Nuke suicide: Very annoying, people can log in/out and spam nukes. Nukes should only be a perk, and they should have the ability to be disabled if the person doesn't want to use the nuke.

Note that these are just my suggestions of what I would prefer when I play this game. Also I'm not sure about the mechanics of the game and if it is even possible to implement these suggestions, but I think that my suggestions might balance the weapons. Right now, from playing Multiplayer, it seems that many players stay clear of the M21 and Benelli M4s.

RE: Weapon suggestions - -{ET}-xdEpicZombie - 2013-06-05

I have an idea about the nuke! The explosions harm people only when they are under or near to a skybox celing.Basically You wont get nuked when you are inside a building.

RE: Weapon suggestions - ruler501 - 2013-06-05

Welcome to the ACR forums. Some of these things might go better on the bug tracker/suggestions( )
1. By how much do you think things should be changed? Half spread? Double recoil?

2. So basically what you would want would be for it to be iron sights and a lower poly? I kindof agree with that, but I'd like to see what others think about that before looking into changing it.

3. Pure graphics aren't really my territory. I prefer code

4. This should definitely be put on the bug tracker so we can get to fixing it.

5. This is a server mod so you should talk to the server owner about removing it. It also might be good to add a bug on the bug tracker about how people can leave and then come back to get another nuke.

RE: Weapon suggestions - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-06-05

Hi there! What a fun username, Shotgun lover, eh?

I really like your ideas concerning the M21 and the M1014. These weapons arent used in multiplayer much, for good reasons too. The M21 is kinda underpowered imo in that it takes about 3 shots to take somebody down. Combine that with lag and soon you'll find you need to dump and entire magazine on a single enemy. However, this is balanced with the Barrett in that the Barrett has a lot of recoil. The M1014 isn't really used in game because the buckshot is virtually useless unless you go in a map where it's very tight with many corners.
Here's my thread on trying to implement a M21 and M1014 only game mode:

BTW, your idea regarding buckshot and armor. Dude, high-five! I totally forgot about that. Due to conservation of momentum, I would rather have the M1014 damage Health more (the armor stops the pellets, but you literally get smacked in the chest by a major league slugger), and you might have some armor remaining.

RE: Weapon suggestions - dm.mossberg590a1 - 2013-06-06

Hi, I admit I'm a fan of shotguns Big Grin. I also like wooden battle rifles Big Grin. The M21 may be balanced with the Barrett in sniping only matches, but it is completely dominated by both assault rifles and the submachine gun most of the time in pretty much every other mode which saddens me Sad.

I would really like the shotgun spread be reduced by 1/2 and the upwards recoil be increased by 1/4 and the backwards recoil be 1/2 of the Barrett's backwards recoil. Hip-firing a shotgun should be less accurate than hip-firing a M21, and iron sights should instead be primarily used. The resulting shotgun would be pretty cool I think Smile.

RE: Weapon suggestions - rXn - 2013-06-06

About that nuke stuff: Good idea, but I think its kinda hard to realise. Would it be possible to create a new mapping item that protects you? Something like an invisible flag that prevents being hit when staying around it?

RE: Weapon suggestions - Victor - 2013-06-06

The "nuke suicide" is a server mod. It only happens on modded servers.

RE: Weapon suggestions - jarhead2000 - 2013-08-05

victor, i can't play multiplayer with the latest version 20508, so i play singleplayer. and when i start killing lots of bots, my health goes up to about 900-1000 and then i deploy a nuke and die, without knowing what i did. i didn't press any buttons. is this part of the game, is it a bug? i find it annoying. other than that and more weapons needed, this is a awesome game.

RE: Weapon suggestions - {KE}bluwarguy - 2013-08-05

those are killstreaks. the one that makes your health go up is juggernaut, and the nuke is a tactical nuke

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