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RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - rXn - 2013-06-25

Maybe just make the fire rate lower? So burst and full auto mode would be less powerfull, but semi should be on a level with the current M21.
In my opninion M21 is too weak. You have no chance to kill a player with full life + armor before he kills you with his AR or Intervention. As you cannot stand still aim re-aim while your opponent is shooting at you it is quite hard to have two or three body hits. I suggest reducing M21 recoil, because I never saw anyone play with an M21 on a DM/TDM server (instead everyone used M82 when neccessary).
Maybe you consider making the Mk12 with a very high recoil in auto when scoped so that only burst and semi is useful for scoping.
Making the damage lower than M16 would make this weapon too weak. You should be able to kill a player unscoped by "run and shoot" (but with a low fire rate and thus weaker than M16 or AK) or scoped with burst/semi on middle distance. That might close the gap between ARs and "real" snipers.
//Edit: How are the Mk12 stats compared to G36 (scoped)? Are the basic ideas the same?

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-06-25

Hi @rXn

Compared to the G36 scoped, quite immediately, you will notice it is more accurate due to the Mk. 12 SPR's quality, match grade components. The muzzle velocity of the G36 is higher (920 m/s vs 820 m/s) partly due to the Mk. 12 SPR using match grade ammunition. Design wise, the Mk. 12 is made specifically to provide highly accurate fire to distances up to 700 meters, while a scoped G36 is generally just a stock rifle with an optic attached. I'd say the idea is the same (to improve the accuracy of the base rifle), except the Mk. 12 is built usually from the ground up and fires a different, specialized round. Also, the Mk. 12 SPR is generally only fielded to Special Forces Operators in the US Military.

From wikipedia, the Mk. 262 round fired by the Mk. 12 has: "Superior accuracy, wounding capacity, stopping power and range power has made this (Mk. 262) the preferred round of many Special Forces operators, and highly desirable as a replacement for the older, Belgian-designed 5.56×45mm M855 NATO round.[64][65] Hard target penetration is slightly decreased.[66]"

Also @Victor, I really think that if the Mk. 12 SPR is added to gameplay, that it should be more powerful (maybe just a little more powerful than the M16) so that people have a reason to switch over to the scoped version. It would be balanced out by the low hipfire accuracy and higher recoil to boot.

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - Padge1 - 2013-06-26

okay first off guys... i love the look of this gun and it would be pretty sweet.
2. that m4/ish receiver is an absolute dick to model because of the circular shapes, thats why my m16 took long so long.
3.if you guys would be happy with the model from sketchup or whatever then ill glady have a crack at uv mapping the bad boy
4. XD do you know what the poly count is? i dont want it above 3 thousand as there isnt any need for it, ill try and bring it down if its above that, the mp7 model you mailed me was an awesome model, but it was over 30 thousand, not ideal bro Smile if you could get back to me on this ill get started on this soonish.

i know you have waited a while for this @DSO so ill try my best to get it done, just means the dta srs will be put off yet again, but i know you want to see this new game mode implemented if possible and i do too, so id say this is a priority tbh Smile XD you let me know what you can about models and stuff you find, make sure all copyrights are ideal, dont want us getting a bollocking for this :L if we cant use that model then ill just have to make another one Smile

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - rXn - 2013-06-26

what about that m4 model that already exists? is it reusable? i dont really remember who make it but it was quite nice-looking too...Tongue

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - Padge1 - 2013-06-26

you mean my m16? or something else? allot of the shapes are different from it :L can be a bit off putting

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - -{ET}-xdEpicZombie - 2013-06-26

I decided to learn Blender,its pain in the ass in the beggining but once Ill get to know that program for real,Ill start making some mods too.If anyone has some requests then illl be happy to try making some guns!

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-06-26

@Padge1 duude, sweeet! It's awesome if you could work on the Mk. 12 SPR. Take as long as you'd like, good things come to those who wait. ^_^ I dont know if the model from sketchup is good or not though. They dont have a 3D mode to freelook around from. But I remember @xDEpicZombie saying that the model looked bad from first person.

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - Padge1 - 2013-06-26

awesome xd Smile it is a pain and dont get me started on uv mapping with it, its really quick though, check out blender cookie on youtube, good tutorials.

DSO, ill rework the skechup model if need be, it means less time getting shapes done and shiz, the picture you put up in the original thread is great for reference, ill just animate it in such a way the other sides detail isnt seen (shaves of a shit ton of un-needed polys) and makes my life easier :L

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-06-26

^_^ no problem Padge1. The only thing that i think he f-ed up on is the Swan Sleeve Rail is way too high. Basically, its that chunk of metal rail that the scope attaches to. It is WAY too high! lol. Can you somehow shave that so that it's shorter and looks a lot more like the actual gun? TYTY

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - Padge1 - 2013-06-27

yeah man thats not a problem atall Smile thats a pretty quick fix