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RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-06-27


Here is another pic of the Mk. 12 SPR Mod 0 in case it doesnt look right to you. Looks like the Mk. 12 in the pic doesnt have that groove near the end of the handguard where it meets the receiver. But it is in the original Skethup model, so dont worry, leave it in
[Image: PR_MK12.jpg]
be wary of the Mod 1, because it doesnt have the continuous Swan Sleeve Rail on top. If you need more pics, look up the Mk. 12 SPR Mod 0. The Mod 1 isn't that good, and operators prefer the Mod 0 version.,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48572450,d.cGE&fp=b867f2faec70b47a&biw=1280&bih=699&imgdii=_

thank you again!

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - Padge1 - 2013-06-28

the more i think about it dso, if it is to be in the official release (as it is needed for your game mode) id be safer just making one for the release to save on copy right shiz :L

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-06-28

ooh gotcha. No worries, take your time. ^_^ So far I'm having fun with the new hardcore mode. Stuff is awesome!

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - -{ET}-xdEpicZombie - 2013-06-28

just thinking how many extra verticses there has to for the round holes.

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-07-02

Hi guys,

So I played a kinda huge map (Longhorn), and I've realized that @Victor 's suggested stats are great for its purpose. While playing with Hambro and a few other players, I've found that the M21's recoil is too high, and the AK/SCAR-H is not meant at all to be a counter-sniper weapon.

The real world reasoning for having the Mk. 12 SPR have less recoil and damage is that the Mk. 12 uses subsonic ammunition, which is usually for suppressed applications (think James Bond and his suppressor). @Padge1, do you think adding a suppressor would be cool? or would it create more problems?

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - dm.mossberg590a1 - 2013-07-02

The reason why you use a rifle is to have supersonic velocity at around 2500 fps so the bullet will fragment and cause a greater wounding channel. If you are using subsonic ammo, you are basically using a 22 caliber handgun in terms of stopping power. The realistic reason why the Mk. 12 would have less stopping power is that it uses M995 ammo which, although it has a longer range and better armor piercing capabilities, has less stopping power than 77 grain 223 bullets, which are standard for police/special forces for close range stopping power.

I am not a fan of more scoped weapons, we already have a ton and the Cube engine isn't designed for 1000 yard maps. Scopes are generally only used for distances greater than 500 yards. However, the M21 really sucks right now with terrible stopping power and high recoil. I would be happy if the Mk 12 replaces the M21 as a long range rifle.

A suppressor would be cool.... on the USP. 45 acp bullets are already subsonic so you don't need subsonic ammo. The 45's large diameter makes up for its loss of kinetic energy with a greater wound channel. So you get the best of both worlds, a very quiet weapon with the same stopping power suppressed or unsuppressed.


RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-07-02

Hiya @dm.mossberg590a1
The primary reason why I posted about the reduced damage and recoil theory is because in Longhorn (which is one of the largest maps @Victor has shown me), the distances get pretty long, and the heavy hitting weapons in the game (M21, AK/SCAR-H) have recoil that make long range target acquisition very difficult. I understand that the higher velocities are for fragmenting rounds such as the M855 ball ammo (which is one of the problems faced by carbines like the M4), but one should be given the option of trading damage for optics and lower recoil.

Victor said that if the Mk12 will be introduced, it should have lower damage and recoil compared to the M16 to basically be a controllable automatic "sniper rifle" for balancing purposes, therefore I was trying to find a real world reasoning behind that even though a vanilla Mk12 runs only Mk262. My explanation is the use of subsonic rounds, which shoot softer and have less damage, though not to the point of a .22 LR. To my knowledge, the M995 doesn't have lower recoil since it isn't subsonic, so that's a caveat in using the M995 as an explanation.

I am a big fan of optics on firearms. Yes, you lose a bit of time in CQB because of zoom optics, but it more than makes up for it in mid distance engagements. My shooting experience has been: no sights < iron sights < red dot/HWS < Zoom Optics. Also, the "magnification power" of the optics in ACR is pretty low, so CQB is still achievable. I have shot with 4x power hunting scopes atop a old Colt AR-15 Sporter-1, and I've found that while it's not the best for rapid target acquisition at close range, it helps at distances of 50 yards and up.

I agree with the M21 being horrible in terms of stats due to its abysmal stats, but I think the Mk. 12 should supplement the DMR family of weapons in-game as the softer shooting cousin of the M16, and not totally replace the M21 so that the user has a choice.

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - rshenely - 2013-07-07

i think the spr would be great as a "sniper" and the "controllable auto part" with less power,.. you shold deffinately convert m21 to m14 and take the recoil down but not less than ak, and ass accurate as m16

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - dm.mossberg590a1 - 2013-07-07

Ya the M21 in game isn't bad but it should be an M14 with less recoil and full auto capability. The M14 was designed to be a lightweight battle rifle based on the M1 Garand. The Army was just too tight on funds so they disfigured a bunch of beautiful lightweight M14s into extremely front heavy "tactical" guns with lights and "tactical rails" hanging off it. Yuck.

In game I actually like the M21, but it's still an eyesore and the M14 wasn't made for scopes. It's a battle rifle damn it! >:0 I just know that it won't be changed because nobody will go through the trouble modeling a M14 with iron sights. So I'm happy with the M21. But if I had a choice between a classic M14 with iron sights and the current M21, I will go with the classic 20 times out of 10 Big Grin .

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - rshenely - 2013-07-07

well someone point/list me stuff needed to model with, ill give it a run for time and art. i'd rather have an :m14 20 round, accurate ak round: than the m21 model /*no offense to who made it*/