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RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - dm.mossberg590a1 - 2013-07-07

Idk what you guys use to model with either... Google Sketchup? Blender?

Here are some sketchup models:

Iron sights
(warning ejection port on wrong side) (I think this one is good)

Scoped (this one looks good also)

How the sights should look like:

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - asmanel - 2013-07-07

I prefer use blender, even if there is problems with the format md2 in the latest versions.

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-07-07

@dm.mossberg590a1, actually, the M21 SWS in game is just someone creating rails for the M14 (and it looks horrible). The real "modern tactical M14" is the Mk. 14 EBR.

I'd rather have the Mk 14 EBR than the standard M14 because of the fact that the felt recoil on the Mk 14 is lower since the recoil force is in-line with your shoulder, instead of going over your shoulder like the M14 and AK.

@rshenely, I'd much rather you model the M14 EBR, since it's a true modern rifle, instead of the M14, which is pretty much outdated.

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - dm.mossberg590a1 - 2013-07-07

I disagree.

The Mk 14 is just a M14 with a pistol grip and tactical rails. The pistol grip did not significantly reduce recoil, the three pounds extra weight from all the tactical rails did. Yeah, the Mk 14 is a better gun if you're sniping Taliban at 600-800 meters prone from a bipod. But the main advantage of the M14 is that it's a light weight battle rifle, not a sniper rifle. It doesn't have the accuracy of the M16 style rifles.

Yeah the M14 is outdated, ergonomically horrible, and heavy. So is the AK 47. You can add a gazillion tactical rails, and it is still outdated, ergonomically horrible, and even heavier than before. At least the original M14 looks beautiful. If you want a modern tactical rifle, start with the Scar H, which is extremely lightweight, has superb ergonomics, and low recoil due to its compensator.

There is nothing mall ninja about changing into a more modern tactical platform like the Scar H or even the FN FAL, there is something mall ninja about chopping off parts of classic designs and adding stuff to create some Frankenstein gun half-haphazardly thrown together because some Army bean counters are too cheap to invest in a more modern design.

I rest my case.

By the way, I don't mind the Mk 12. It isn't a Frankenstein gun, just a slightly modified M16.

I am actually a fan of this:
Just make it slightly less poly, put a wood texture on it, reverse the ejection port and that's good to go! Big Grin

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-07-08

To each their own. ^_^

The M14 weapons system was revitalized by the Mk. 14 EBR chassis upgrade. Yes, it is an economical upgrade because of the penny-pushers in the US Army, but it does make an obsolete weapons system more modern. Many soldiers complained about how they couldn't mount scopes correctly on the M14. The Mk. 14 EBR chassis remedied that problem. Also, with the logistical problems of getting parts for the M110 SASS in the military (cannibalism is resorted to =( ), the Mk. 14 gives units another way of sending 7.62 NATO to jihadists.

From a physics standpoint, the original M14's action is considerably higher than your shoulder, thus causing recoil forces to go over your shoulder. The Mk.14 EBR follows the originally planned design of the T25 prototype, which was what should have been fielded instead of the final M14 (Think of it like the Vista and W7 debate. Hey, I love both). The Mk. 14's action is in-line with your shoulder, thus reducing the "felt" recoil. I agree, the heavier the firearm, the less felt recoil you're going to have because of the mass of the gun. You do gain accuracy with the Mk. 14 chassis since you don't have the wooden stock warping on you nor having to worry about the bedding, since the op-rod block is attached to the chassis.

I do agree with you about the SCAR-H and FAL being great battle rifles. The SCAR-H brings 7.62 NATO firepower in a package that's around the same size as most assault rifles. The FAL was one of the first true "Black Rifles". So was the HK G3, one of my favorite battle rifles for its ergonomics (MP5 anyone? HK SLAP!), accuracy (Roller-delayed blowback), and weight. AKs are known for their durability, until one jams, then all hell breaks loose. It is not at all a modern rifle, though it pioneered Assault Rifles. You won't see Spetznaz with AKs, you see them with AR-15s.

Again, to each their own =)

The Mk. 12 SPR is awesome, though the Mk.12 SPR won't work wonders. It still is a 5.56 NATO AR-15, albeit with match grade components (barrel, trigger, rifle length gas system), dedicated optics mounts (swan sleeve), and Mk. 262 ammunition (match grade), which raise its "maximum effective range" to around 6-800 meters (apparently). But for ACR, it will be the scoped M16 =D , so it'll do damage. Again, optics are great, and in ACR, the zoom isn't that high, so CQB is manageable. And of course, OPTICS ARE AWESOME! Can't wait for it to be added.

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - rXn - 2013-07-08

As I understood zoom is adjustable. I just wonder if there should be a bigger (default) zoom to get the effects seen in CounterStrike or UrbanTerror?

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-07-08

@rXn and devs
is variable zoom a limit of Cube engine? If not, it would be awesome if there could be adjustable with the mouse wheel.

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - -{ET}-xdEpicZombie - 2013-07-09

There is no zoom actually.It seems like but its not.Actually its done with FOV(Field Of View) and I think it is possible to change FOV with a script.

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - rXn - 2013-07-09

Maybe a real zoom? I'm not shure how to implement that, but maybe we could pretend standing in front of your actual position and then draw the things that you would see there? Just gimme a minute to figure out if this would be possible... :p

RE: Request: Mk. 12 SPR - -{ET}-xdEpicZombie - 2013-07-09

FOV works good until You want to zoom very far away.