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Bow and Arrow (not the explosive crossbow) proposal - dm.mossberg590a1 - 2013-07-05

I enjoy throwing knives very, very much. However, there is only one knife so you can only throw a knife at one enemy.

I suggest a new secondary weapon should be a bow and arrow that shoots bolts that cause bleeding when they hit an enemy. There would be 10 or so bolts and you can pick up bolts that hit the ground/enemy just like a knife. However, when a bolt hits an enemy, there is a 10% chance the bolt will break when hitting an enemy and not be able to be picked up.

The bolts would have a very parabolic trajectory (slightly straighter than a throwing knife though for accuracy) and you can hold down the left mouse button to draw back the bolt as far as you want. How much you draw it back depends on how long range you want to shoot. If you are trying to arc the bolt so it will hit an enemy behind cover, you will not draw it back far. If you want a longer range straight shot, then you hold down the left mouse button longer. You would aim through "iron sights" by holding the right mouse button, but there will be no actual iron sights. You would have to guess based on pointing where the arrow is and the distance.

FYI, this would not be the explosive crossbow that was replaced by the RPG. The bolts do not explode, just do bleeding damage.

What do you guys think about this?

RE: Bow and Arrow (not the explosive crossbow) proposal - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-07-05

Aw man, i wish i can take back my downvote. Anyone should be given a choice for weaponry. I dunno, personally, maybe it'll be easier on the modelers if there's a stash of bowie knives instead of a straight up bow n arrow, lol. Imagine running around a combat zone with a bow and arrow.


RE: Bow and Arrow (not the explosive crossbow) proposal - dm.mossberg590a1 - 2013-07-05

It's okay man, I watched too many of the last of us gameplay videos Smile . A bow and arrow might suck in a deathmatch, but a bow and arrow is also a staple in survival games. When you think about it, why would you run around a combat zone with a samurai sword?? At least a modern recurve bow is more advanced than that lol. Also if you shoot somebody strapped with explosives with a bow and arrow, the explosives won't activate because it doesn't use gunpowder, which is good against exploding zombies.

A bow and arrow shouldn't be that difficult to model.... maybe a ballistic knife (not a throwing knife) would be a better secondary? A shot knife can be picked up and thrown and thrown knives can be picked up and shot? A ballistic knife will come with five knives and would be powerful against body armor? You would use the same knife model, but there would be a "iron sight mode" by holding the right mouse button and left mouse button fires the knife.

RE: Bow and Arrow (not the explosive crossbow) proposal - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-07-06

Hm.. true true, though the Japanese did run around in banzai charges with samurai swords. Food for thought. Then again, in Crysis you can use a bow. Guess its not that outdated nor weird. Heck, I shoot crossbows sometimes, and I find it weird how in some shooters, they can cock their crossbows so fast.

Eh, I never really liked ballistic knives. I remember that to have a real man-stopping projectile on a ballistic knife, it needed to be propelled by a 12-gauge blank shell. The problem with that system is that the handle part is lighter than the knife, so essentially you are shooting the handle at yourself. xD But of course, to each their own. It is a game after all. Of course, I'll take a .45 as my sidearm of choice.

If the Devs like it, and if a bow or ballistic knife is hard to model, I do suggest modeling the bowie knife. Some are weighed for throwing, and in some movies (remember Rambo?), this is the iconic knife of choice for the hero. You could recycle the knife animations and everything from the knife, and basically create a new model for the knife as a new secondary.