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Hey. - Hawkbit - 2013-07-20

My friend showed me ACR a few months ago. (He plays as Applejack or Fluttershy)

I didn't know this forum existed until, hi.

PS: Why am I unable to upload a picture? Some kind of anti-spam?

RE: Hey. - dm.mossberg590a1 - 2013-07-20

Hello I'm the guy who loves to throw knives Big Grin. Don't use RPGs, they are OP!!

RE: Hey. - DeltaStrikeOp - 2013-07-20

Hiya! DSO here! Self proclaimed Mall-Ninja, victim of BSODs, and just a guy with a love of tactical life. ^_^

Seeya in game!

RE: Hey. - Headhunter - 2013-07-28

I'm also new here. The reason I'm posting on this thread is because Hunter is my friend IRL.

I'm sure mossberg and PPShomie will know me by now.

RE: Hey. - Victor - 2013-07-28

@Hunter, you have to upload the avatar to an external host.

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