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Just a few random comments - Snipe - 2011-10-04

I have a few comments.
First off, I LOVE this. I can't wait until it is totally finished, its just that awesome Big Grin

I run a youtube channel, and some viewers have been asking me a few questions. One person's brother makes custom maps. She said he tried to make one in ACR, but it wouldnt let him. Is that just a bug, or will he be able to make them in the future? Also, will custom maps made for AC work in ACR?

2 more questions haha.
Will there be reload animations for all the guns by the time the game is done?

And could you make a sniper only game mode? I know there is 1 shot 1 kill and all, but could you make a deathmatch style mode where you can only use snipers?

Thanks Big Grin
Oh and I forgot one. Can you make the killstreaks continue through rounds in OSOK, TOSOK, SUV, TSUV? What I mean is like say I got airstrike, and the round ended, can you make it so I'm still at that killstreak in the next round so that when I get two more kills (or whatever it is) I get the uav? I know that if I get a nuke in one round and stay alive, it will go off in the next round Tongue

RE: Just a few random comments - Snipe - 2011-10-19

Is anyone going to reply?

RE: Just a few random comments - Dade - 2011-10-19

Victorz may have not seen this already... or you have been a bad guy xD

RE: Just a few random comments - DarKnoT - 2011-10-19

Maybe a possibility for a server to set weapons that can be display.
On AC da shotgun sux

RE: Just a few random comments - Victor - 2011-10-19

Set the weapons by setting the mode.

RE: Just a few random comments - Snipe - 2011-10-28

Yeah I know that, but I'd kind of like a tdm style mode with only snipers. Is that already in the game?

RE: Just a few random comments - LMFAO! - 2011-10-28

Ikno nu can find a mod on ac somewhere for that snipe. there were servers that ran iCTF snipers osok w/out spawn wait.

I know its not what u were looking for exactly, but it's something

RE: Just a few random comments - Snipe - 2011-10-31

I know, but it would be better if it was just in the game haha.

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