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    Thread: My Second Map.
Post: My Second Map.

Well, Title Says It All . What Do You Guys Think? I'll Be Hosting It On My Server, I Made A Night/Day One http://i.imgur.com/u51WvEh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/2V2fIAp.jpg http://i.imgur.com/KJzI...
Joshyy[vA] Mapping 3 6,322 2013-07-19, 06:04 PM
    Thread: More Players!
Post: More Players!

Lately, There's Been No Good Online Games Lately, We Need To Set A Certain Time And Host Massive Games . Cause The Most Players I've Ever Gotten Online At The Same Time Was 5-6 People >.>
Joshyy[vA] Gameplay Discussion 2 4,124 2013-07-19, 03:02 PM
    Thread: My First Map
Post: RE: My First Map

Woot, Only Bad Thing About It Is, It's A FPS Killer
Joshyy[vA] Mapping 4 6,835 2013-07-19, 02:49 PM
    Thread: Map Save On Prev Version
Post: Map Save On Prev Version

Hello, What my problem is that I made a map called "afghan", and It was almost complete, then I went on a server and sent the map, and when I loaded the map, It was an old version of the map when I st...
Joshyy[vA] Mapping 0 2,094 2013-07-01, 06:57 PM
    Thread: My First Map
Post: My First Map

Hello ! This is my very first map. I only had two days to learn how to map but I did it, some stuff I still don't understand. But here it is, what do you guys think .? http://imgur.com/j4V2ZoN,yFPl...
Joshyy[vA] Mapping 4 6,835 2013-06-30, 03:57 PM
    Thread: Cancel Nuke?
Post: Cancel Nuke?

First post, yay! lol And is there any way for you to cancel your own nuke? Because I want to be able to get the juggernaut KS without killing myself from the nuke :p Is it possible .?
Joshyy[vA] Suggestions 8 9,180 2013-06-27, 08:35 PM

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