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    Thread: Can we resurrect ACR?
Post: RE: Can we resurrect ACR?

Hey guys, a bit late to the party as well. I've recently tried getting into scripting in LUA and would definitely like to get some new experience in other languages. Maybe we should make a discord ser...
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie General 14 10,250 2021-07-19, 11:33 AM
    Thread: [Future] 2.18.3
Post: RE: [Future] 2.18.3

Oh hello there, stumbled upon something rather ancient :D First of all, great to see this place and you guys still here
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie Releases 3 750 2021-02-13, 08:48 AM
    Thread: New and hopefully next official hands W.I.P
Post: RE: New and hopefully next official hands W.I.P

The copyright details are in the original Agram download package. Mesh and textures are licensed by CC:BY
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie Modelling 5 5,849 2016-05-15, 10:24 PM
    Thread: New and hopefully next official hands W.I.P
Post: RE: New and hopefully next official hands W.I.P

Haven't rigged them since it's a pain in the ass job. Maybe I'll work with them a bit after my exams and before the army [hr] I added the hands to my agram model. Anyone who wants to test or skin the ...
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie Modelling 5 5,849 2016-05-15, 08:56 AM
    Thread: Halo weapons suggestion
Post: RE: Halo weapons suggestion

Do you want a Halo rip or a halo-styled gun model?
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie Suggestions 5 6,239 2016-04-21, 11:55 AM
    Thread: New version?
Post: RE: New version?

Totally understanding Victor here, I'm currently graduating high school right now and boy do I not have free time. It's probably no different in the university either. I'm going to be unactive for the...
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie General 29 26,170 2016-03-14, 10:50 AM
    Thread: Playermodel W.I.P
Post: RE: Playermodel W.I.P

I will post all the updates to https://armory.icyboards.net/
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie Modelling 22 24,210 2016-02-24, 02:31 PM
    Thread: Active Players Comment here
Post: RE: Active Players Comment here

I don't play but I model from time to time :D
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie Miscellaneous 9 8,742 2016-02-18, 12:15 PM
    Thread: Playermodel W.I.P
Post: RE: Playermodel W.I.P

Found the old playermodel that I started a while ago and modified it a bit. Now I've finished the basic texturing (I will work on them tho, some details still need to be added).  http://i.imgur.c...
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie Modelling 22 24,210 2016-02-03, 11:09 AM
    Thread: Tweak the shotgun
Post: RE: Tweak the shotgun

If you could teach me step by step how to tweak them and how to compile, I could do it. The only problem is that I can test with 2.6.2 or older. All newer releases have the mysterious bot dying issue
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie Suggestions 3 4,492 2016-02-03, 10:07 AM
    Thread: Tweak the shotgun
Post: Tweak the shotgun

IMO shotgun is rarely used so I suggest some tweaks to it. First of all I think we should have two shotguns: semi auto and pump action. I am working on Mossberg 590 as we speak (pics will soon be post...
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie Suggestions 3 4,492 2016-02-02, 10:08 AM
    Thread: New and hopefully next official hands W.I.P
Post: New and hopefully next official hands W.I.P

To keep an eye on the progress, screenshots and upcoming KS23 port visit ACR Armory (http://armory.icyboards.net/showthread.php?tid=49) [hr] http://i.imgur.com/gCJ1rOM.jpg
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie Modelling 5 5,849 2016-01-23, 03:24 PM
    Thread: 2.6.3 (2.7 beta 3)
Post: RE: 2.6.3 (2.7 beta 3)

Still having the bot issue. They die randomly. It takes from 1 to 7 seconds before they die. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME IM NOT THE ONLY ONE HAVING THIS ISSUE!! As ACR doesn't have any active multiplayer ...
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie Releases 31 34,724 2016-01-14, 03:19 PM
    Thread: Is anyone still here?
Post: RE: Is anyone still here?

Just a little update for you guys http://i.imgur.com/ZhpAzQ3.jpg http://i.imgur.com/IHlkQWo.jpg
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie General 10 10,762 2015-11-24, 02:26 PM
    Thread: Is anyone still here?
Post: RE: Is anyone still here?

I don´t play for one simple reason-last release doesn't work right on my system [hr] I am working on the playermodel that I started a while ago tho... http://i.imgur.com/KmwiiIk.jpg
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie General 10 10,762 2015-11-22, 01:47 PM
    Thread: Suggestions for a better ACR
Post: RE: Suggestions for a better ACR

No hard feelings but if you want to new weapons then start making them....
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie Suggestions 9 10,148 2015-04-08, 11:50 AM
    Thread: My Second Map.
Post: RE: My Second Map.

Nice one!
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie Mapping 3 6,330 2015-04-08, 11:47 AM
    Thread: Maps with several skies
Post: RE: Maps with several skies

Thumbs up!I've thought about it too.Good thing that someone suggested it!
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie Suggestions 2 4,035 2015-03-06, 01:09 PM
    Thread: Glock 18
Post: Glock 18

Finished Glock 18 today too. To download please visit Armory -> Click here Click Here (http://armory.icyboards.net/showthread.php?tid=21&pid=33#pid33) http://i.imgur.com/p0BhBoW.jpg http://i.im...
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie Modelling 1 3,539 2015-01-18, 12:48 PM
    Thread: Agram 2000
Post: Agram 2000

For more information and download link please visit ACR Armory Click here to visit Armory (http://armory.icyboards.net/showthread.php?tid=20&pid=32#pid32) http://i.imgur.com/bRS4THd.jpg
-{ET}-xdEpicZombie Modelling 2 4,421 2015-01-18, 12:44 PM

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