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    Thread: ac_twintowers is gone?
Post: RE: ac_twintowers is gone?

Hmm. I looked everywhere, it is not there. I even checked the 'maps' files, and it wasnt there either. but thanks, I will ask next time I go on MP. thanks! ;)
Warlord33 Help 5 7,052 2014-07-17, 09:27 AM
    Thread: Hey!?
Post: Hey!?

Hello Guys! This is Warlord33/ R.S / G.S! I looove cookies, dragons, and gaming. I also do programming as a hobby, I am still in high school/secondary school/middle school and am in year 7. I re...
Warlord33 Introductions 2 3,910 2014-07-16, 12:47 PM
    Thread: ac_twintowers is gone?
Post: ac_twintowers is gone?

Hello! I redownloaded ARC again after about a year of not playing it D: sooo, I took ages installing it, and I started up the game...I go to make a new game, and my faveourite map (twintowers) is not ...
Warlord33 Help 5 7,052 2014-07-16, 12:39 PM

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