Another gun?
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RE: Another gun?
The P-90 looks kind of ugly and bulky, don't you think? and it has a 50-round mag, which is way more then the game's 32 rounds for the MP5. also, the PP-19 bizon looks nice with a 64-round tubular under-barrel magazine. there should definitely be a AWP sniper rifle and a PSG-1 sniper rifle added, to. and i agree that there should be a Mini-Uzi or a MAC-10. it would also be cool if there was a steyr TMP machine pistol for a secondary weapon. there already is a AK-47, and a SCAR-H and a G36 should be added in. finally, the sword as a secondary weapon looks like some kind of toy. besides adding more weapons, i think the game is awesome. in simplified terms, the game should have a lot more weapons.
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2013-08-06, 01:13 AM
RE: Another gun?
You can get AWP and PSG-1 as mod in modelling section!

[Image: 3SVsNlV.png]
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