Server errors
2017-08-09, 09:28 AM
RE: Server errors
Yesterday, after you replied on IRC, I retried with both versions :

With the version 2.6.3, there again was the error 400 (I know now it's normal)

With the dev version, it seemed to work even if there visibly was a glitch. the output to the log apparently work like in the version 2.6.3 but almost nothing is printed in the console. Only this appears :

Quote:C:\MinGW\msys\1.0\home\nlg\developpement\acr-master>bin_win32\acr_server.exe -Cc

It make harder to determine if the the server crashed, even at checking the logs (before, most time, switching to the server window was enough)

Today, it seemed my server crashed (I can't be sure it actually crashed). I tried to restart it the way I always did after a crash but it failed. There was again the error messages of the first tries

It appeared the problem was close the console window wasn't longer to stop the server (it definitely is a game problem, I didn't change my computer) and I needed to kill the server process with the task manager. After a second supposed crash, during the afternoon, I though "maybe the server need now to properly stopped, with Ctrl+c" and I tried it, but it did nothing (And I needed to use a second time the task manager to kill the server process).

This definitely is a serious bug. needing to reboot the computer or use a system tool to stop the server is a bad thing.

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