New weapons (or basically new skins haha)
2013-03-03, 05:11 PM
RE: New weapons (or basically new skins haha)
Eh, the XM8 was plagued with problems. And there's a meme about how the XM8 looks like a fish. One of the more fatal problems was the heat resistance of the polymers.

The MP5 is a really nice weapon. Its just that this is a new weapons thread. A MP7 skin would be more tacticool.

A pump shotgun is slow in CQB. There's a reason why they invented semi-auto shotguns, and that's to have more lead downrange.

IMO, the Intervention should be cut out and instead replaced by a DTA Stealth Recon Scout b/c it is bolt action so we can use the same code.

The AK is old fashioned. To have a more modern game, we should have a 7.62 NATO slinger, like the SCAR-H or even an ACR in 6.8mm remington (even though i hate CoD)

The AT4 is a single use weapon. The tradeoff with using the AT4 skin is that it would make the RPG a one use weapon, which is kinda dumb IMO b/c at least we can reload the RPG.

I think there was a thread about diff. grenades. The cube engine doesn't handle smoke well.


PS. Your link is in a foreign language. perhaps you can clarify it for me?

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