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RE: Healing
I believe that would not be abuse, suicide bomb cause small damage, good if the enemy has low life, good to rush, like radar camoufrage-
shotgun + suicide bomb or smg + radar camouflage, good to rush.

extra ammo, good in survival or support, same for compact medkit-
lmg+extra ammo or sniper+c medkit, good to support.

+30% damage, 35% damage, I think it might have abuse in certain situations, especially when using autos or carbines(one shot kill).

extra ammo could be better, because there was no abuse, and the player want to do more damage, just select a stronger weapon,like rocket launcher, bolt action rifle or lmg, however, these weapons are not perfect = gameplay balance.

exemple, rocket launcher = reload in every shot, same for double barrel shotgun.
lmg = slow reload, bolt action rifle = slow fire interval..

about model,you thought about the possibility of using the old model, and in the future to create a pack of HD models(yours new models), the game looks epic in thisvideo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uAQ4LlW514&
feature=player_embedded#at=35 -

about the video, one suggestion, shotgun/carbine and grenade cross are not good
for carbine, cross like cs and the other weapons, for shotgun, a small cicle, for grenade, no croos, other weapons are perfect, only missed the aim in cod style.

AC do not need many things, only new stuffs like detail(like shell drops or cod aim, however, you have already added this), more weapons, secundary weapons(pistols) and melee(knifes, swords, chainsaw..) and extra equips(compact med kit, extra ammo, suicide bomb, camouflage radar...) and a new item bonuse(to replace 2x pistol, like railgun or bfg), and the game will be perfect in my opinion.
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