New weapons (or basically new skins haha)
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New weapons (or basically new skins haha)
So, Victor and Padge1 asked the community what new "weapons" should be in the game. Im thinking about BLUFOR (modern) weapons (we don't wanna become a game like Medal of Honor 2010 and get criticized for including the Taliban faction, do we?), but here's what's on my mind:


- M-16 piston variant (HK416, LWRC M6, ADCOR BEAR)
The current M16 is a very nice rifle. In fact, in most cases, it fits the bill for MOUT/CQB operations. However, times have changed, and more and more Counter Terrorism factions have switched to Piston action weapons. It's mainly a hype: It's cleaner than the regular M16's Gas impingement, but it's also slightly heavier and complex. I'd put a HK416 skin if you'd like just because it's easier to recognize that it's a Piston rifle (the piston action creates a noticeable "hump" on the top picattiny rail on the RIS). Also, the side of the M16 shouldn't have the ejection port cover nor the forward assist. It's probably because of symmetry and simplicity, but that's my 2 cents. Put the old M16's specs on it and maybe tweak the RoF/Damage to compensate.

- MP7
The current MP5 is a nice SMG. It is accurate and the 9mm Parabellum round it fires is plentiful. However, it has decreased armor penetration capabilities compared to a rifle round. The MP7 is a nice bridge between the power of a rifle round like the 5.56 NATO and the 9mm Parabellum. The 4.7x30 mm round is capable of piercing armor, and the MP7 is very compact. It's a modern Machine Pistol/SMG for MOUT/CQB. Stick the MP5's specs on it and tweak the RoF/Damage to compensate.

- Keep the M21, maybe add a 20 round clip to mirror modern clip size. This or look at the SCAR-H below and slap on the M21's specs.

- Instead of the Intervention or M82, I think you should put the DTA Stealth Recon Scout. It is supposed to be a sub-MOA weapon that is compact yet accurate and very lethal. It is as compact as a M4, and not as heavy as the Intervention or M82. And in MOUT/CQB, you would not be using an Intervention or M82. It is also bolt action, so stick the specs of the Intervention in a DTA Stealth Recon Scout skin.

- Better USP model
Current USP model.... in the lack of better terms, sucks. The slide is waay too wide, and the hammer looks very small in comparison. Maybe make a Mk 23 skin for the USP? Keep the original specs. That or make a Glock model. It would look sleek, modern, and simple.

It would have the AK's specs, albeit with lower RoF (because of recoil), higher hipfire accuracy (i think scoped has 100% accuracy), and higher damage compared to the AK.

- Keep the M1014. That or have a black saiga model with higher spread to make it look modern.

Thank you all for reading this. I'm in California, but I get my share of firearms to have fun with. Have fun Padge1!


Oh, I forgot to put this.

We could take out the M16 entirely and put in the SCAR-L. It isn't being acquired by SOCOM anymore, but it's a nice skin for the M16's specs.

And if we were to switch the M21, if we put the SCAR-L in for the M16, maybe we can put a PSG1/G3 skin.

Also, i completely forgot about the RPG-7. Maybe add the SMAW? It's I think the only reloadable explosive weapon NATO has. That or a M320/EGLM that has the same specs as the RPG-7, and has "rocket rounds" (made up.. I think)

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