New weapons (or basically new skins haha)
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RE: New weapons (or basically new skins haha)
haha, I agree with you on the M4 with a bazillion accessories. It is pretty heavy with all of those clipped to your weapon. In MOUT/CQB, your reflexes will make or break you. Why burden yourself with a GL?

About the Claymores. IRL, they are command detonated. There are tripwire versions but certainly not laser ones. Laser claymores are a liability; the laser is very finicky, and one leaf that gets in the way of a laser will blow the deployer to swiss cheese heaven. Also, this thread was about skins for the current weapons. Padge1 is a modeler and he was asking around for some ideas. So we shouldn't create any new code. An AT weapon in MOUT/CQB is kinda stupid. They fire HEAT rounds, and they're designed for Armor Piercing, not Antipersonnel. This is why i was saying we should have a 40mm GL that has no arc, because in real life, at ACR distances, there is no arc, and you can use the 40mm grenade like a slug. Imagine rounding a corner and having a 40 mike mike round slam into your gut. Ouch.

Yeah, I got school too. I'll check this thread when im in computer class.

Uh, the link is kinda confusing. Also, i looked at his skins. The SCAR skins are actually a ACR (the remington one) skin.


Oh, and about the MP7/new SMG talk. Heck, since we're on to less common weapons, how about the Kriss Super V? Although i haven't heard of any BLUFOR using it.

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