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New weapons (or basically new skins haha)
2013-03-06, 04:40 PM,
RE: New weapons (or basically new skins haha)
(2013-03-04, 08:46 PM)DeltaStrikeOp Wrote: ... what's your take on putting a Standalone Grenade Launcher in place of the RPG? The code would stay the same, ...

Well, would it still be "accurate enough" to use a linear hitscan? I don't even understand the intersection codes between lines and spheres/cylinders, so it would be even more difficult to use a quadratic curve and the object.

Also, Padge1 said university, so isn't that different from college?

(2013-03-05, 02:12 PM)Padge1 Wrote: ... the attachment system would be good but ten you have to take into account more scripting and to some extent maybe even a new engine ...
We probably won't have attachments for quite a long time. If I create a game under a different engine, it would be a different game from ACR.

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RE: New weapons (or basically new skins haha) - by Victor - 2013-03-06, 04:40 PM

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