New weapons (or basically new skins haha)
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RE: New weapons (or basically new skins haha)
Hm... I dunno, I thought it was the ACR that was overrated? LOL, eh, I love the XM8, it just looks like a fish and a G36 got together and made babies. Uh.. So talking about true specs here, the G36 looks great, however it shoots a 5.56 NATO round, the same as the M16, so it wouldn't be realistic to replace the AK with the G36 (unless you meant replacing the M16 with the G36)

Hey Padge1, I was thinking about replacing the Cheytac with the "DTA SRS-A1 Covert". It is a multicaliber bolt action sniper rifle, and it is also bullpup for CQB. Also, the Cheytac isn't even a combat rifle. The rounds are too specialized (wildcat), and if I remember correctly, Cheytac doesn't even make their own rifles. They call on EDM Arms to make their rifles. There aren't that many Interventions made because of that reason. The only instance i have seen a Cheytac fire is on Future Weapons, where the host has the longest "kill" recorded on TV. Of course, it was probably already shot before the host even touched the weapon.

And about the M21 replacement. The SL8 is the civvy version of the G36. It also uses the same rounds, so the damage would be the same as the M16. I dunno, personally I think Victor should change the name of the M21 to the M39 b/c the chassis is different.

Thank you for hearing me out Padge1!

Oh, btw, Victor, about the College/University thing. Eh, in the States, we use it interchangeably. However, you're not going to hear an Ivy League called a college. O.o

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