New weapons (or basically new skins haha)
2013-03-08, 09:59 PM
RE: New weapons (or basically new skins haha)
About the pistol thing. Some games don't have the slide locking back or even moving for simplicity. I think the hammer does move though in ACR, which is a step up from BF2 (i play that a lot). How's the work on the Glock model? The current "USP" model shows the safety, what looks like a mag release, and the hammer. But the slide is COMPLETELY out of proportion.

Oh, and more praise for the HK416. DUDE IT'S NOT SYMMETRICAL ANYMORE! =D LOL, don't worry about the "cartoony" look. I think there's enough polygons already! And this is coming from a guy who handles AR-15s. We don't need dynamic lighting and make the model look true 3D and lag older systems, right?



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