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2013-09-05, 09:21 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-09-05, 09:47 AM by SIC.)
I'm requesting the ban of a player called resource(177.134.6/20:56523). He spammed calling me gay and a noob for no reason and i think he has an aimbot or something like that(every shot from his rpg killed me,the same with nades and the SMG).
EDIT: He seems to change his name. The same thing happened to me by a player called lemory.
2013-09-05, 11:02 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-09-05, 11:05 AM by alekmatos.)
RE: resource
SIC called you noob because you do not know respect who is playing one way and so is voting without knowing the expected finish time and respect who is vying for a modo.Quanto the cheater you think impossible to prove that I use for your chance because I play cleaner, has no doubts that I can play very bem.Assim as some other players also play very bem.Treina learn more and to lose yourself using this RPG which in my opinion makes this wonderful game is not recognized on the internet because it yes and a resource cheater.BOBO Smile

Please Sic not win because if he comes to complain and ask to ban the game kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk pathetic Smile Smile
2013-09-05, 11:15 AM,
RE: resource
Actually, the guy you're requesting a ban for is the guy who posted above, @alekmatos. He is the hacker and hater of ACR. We're trying to take him out.

Thank you @SIC for your information. We generally refer to this piece of shit as "minie", since that was his first username when we first encountered him.

Also, Minie, go f*ck yourself. You're a person who cheats and has no skill against the people that are good. You also insult players for no reason at all. You have no skill, just wallhacks. When we turn on the wallhacks for all of us, you die immediately.

Windows 8 fanboy =D
"Not dead, can't quit"
2013-09-05, 11:35 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-09-05, 11:42 AM by alekmatos.)
RE: resource
besides you noob and a liar, always loses, noob who cries is not worth opniao.sorry Smile
Anger me know por1que play well, will train silly comedy Smile Smile

cursed and swear every time a noob because they do not know to play and kikar want to ban a player for his skill in jogo.simples defense for those who are more intelligent is not your case, silly Smile

The one who does something useful in this game and deserves respect is the VICTOR, plus he himself had never been able to put this game where he deserves because this naughty surrounded by people around him, worth more hope that all his efforts he can be recognized by isso.quanto to know you who are complaining about player wins because of you, I pity more normal and crying noob is free Smile

you are so stupid that it assumes that connects wallhacker. I did not bind wallhacker know, and I steal it in the game, comedia these noobs like you, indulge yourself Smile kkkkkkkkkkkk
2013-09-05, 02:56 PM,
RE: resource
(2013-09-05, 11:35 AM)alekmatos Wrote: I'm a big faggot.
There I just summed up ALL of Minies posts in this thread.

Still alive in 2021. Wish you all the best and I'll drop in every now and again.
2013-09-05, 05:23 PM,
RE: resource
Thanks @Nightmare for summing up that horribly written piece of crap.

I'd rather you type it in your native language and have me use google translate than to have you write your rants in whatever you were taught @alekmatos.

Windows 8 fanboy =D
"Not dead, can't quit"
2013-09-05, 05:53 PM,
RE: resource
@alekmatos you are one more insult from a ban.

Still alive in 2021. Wish you all the best and I'll drop in every now and again.
2013-09-05, 06:01 PM,
RE: resource
This guy thinks he is so good because he can hip fire his M16 and abuse the RPG..... but when I get pissed and start using the RPG, then I end up with a better score than him. This guy can't even play properly unless he is using his own hacked server, all he does is run around spraying and praying. I pwned him from the other end of trenches with an MP5 he is so bad.

This cunt DDOSed our servers, insulted our members, and thinks he is god in his own little server (tried to lock Victor out). I still can't believe that he isn't banned yet.

SIC, please vote on the other thread to ban his server and client... we won't get anywhere without more people voting.

[Image: name_zps459dc421.gif]
[Image: cooltext1206791925_zps58ab60b5.gif]

"C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot; C++ makes it harder, but when you do it blows your whole leg off." - Bjarne Stroustrup
2013-09-05, 06:04 PM,
RE: resource
Dammit closed the wrong thread

Still alive in 2021. Wish you all the best and I'll drop in every now and again.
2013-09-06, 01:14 PM,
RE: resource
This ban request has been denied because it is a duplicate of this one.

Best regards,
Your antithesis compares favorably with any high magnitude of pwnage. (-you > |p|, you < -|p|)
My antithesis compares favorably with _that of_ any high magnitude of pwnage. (|-me| > |-p|, |me| > |p|)

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