About the wiki
2013-10-06, 05:56 PM
About the wiki
There are totally false things people seems to believe about the ACR wiki.

According to the first of them, this wiki have a designated redactor and I am this one.

Actually, I contributed a lot to give the example. Nobody asked me to do it, I don't have special rights on the wiki and I never tried to make others believe I am a kind of official wiki writer.

The second is about the wiki edition itself. There are people saying the editing language is HTML or an other strange or difficult language.

Actually, the Wikia editor have two edition modes. when you edit a page or a section, you can switch from one to the other at using the tabs at the top right corner of the editable zone.

One of these two modes is the source mode : it's a simple text editor allowing you to directly edit the Wikicode source code of the page/section you edit. The Wikicode is more complex than the BBCode but less than the HTML.

The second is the visual mode : it's a WYSIWIG ("what you see is what you get") editor. It actually is a source code generator.

None of these two modes is better than the other. The visual mode is easier for beginners but the source mode can be more practical, depending on your skills and on what you want to do.

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