How to be godly with subgun and shotgun.... tutorial
2013-10-14, 03:13 PM
How to be godly with subgun and shotgun.... tutorial
Its been a while since I made weapon tutorials, but here goes...

The subgun and shotgun fulfill a specialized role in ACR, which is owning in CQB. However, these guns are also decently good at taking down enemies at long range, in contrast to many games where CQB weapons like shotguns are absolutely useless at medium to long range.

First the subgun. The subgun is a mix of the high rate of fire and accurate hipfiring of the M16 with high stopping power at point blank range of the AK47. The hipfire is very accurate and should be used the most since the iron sights suffer from huge recoil jump. At long range, it makes more sense to use iron sights and try to get a headshot, which is pretty easy for the subgun. The main problem with the subgun is the ridiculously slow reloading time which along with the incredible rate of fire means 90% of the time you will be killed while reloading. Because of that, you must not be stingy with conserving ammo, and reload as much as possible. A general rule is reload if you have less than 12 rounds in the magazine left. (I prefer reloading after less than 14 rounds since I would rather be safe than sorry).

The shotgun is a devastating weapon at close-medium range. It can one shot kill at point blank range, two shot kill from close range, three shot kill at medium, and 4 shot kill at medium-long range. Since 4 shots are how much it takes for an M16 to kill at any range, that's pretty impressive. However, since you only have a 8 round magazine and you have to reload one shell at a time, you should generally avoid medium-long range engagements. First of all, you should hipfire only at point blank range because after that it makes more sense to use iron sights since there is a spread reduction with using iron sights. Second, instead of firing as fast as you can like with assault rifles, you should fire double taps, two shots in rapid succession, with slight pauses to realign the sights. Just like with the subgun, 90% of the time you will be killed while reloading. First of all, you should not let your magazine go below 4 rounds, but if you do use up your magazine, you only need to load up to 5 rounds. (two double taps with 1 left in the magazine). NEVER EVER let your shotgun go to zero rounds in the magazine, because you will automatically reload and you can't switch to a new weapon.

Perks for these weapons are straightfoward. Hands and steady. Hands reduces recoil which is what you need when you're firing rounds as quickly as possible. Steady reduced the spread which is absolutely necessary with a shotgun because it affects the spread of shot, whether hipfiring or iron sighting. The subgun is best with hands and steady but it can also use other perks like Agile or Time pretty well, while the shotgun pretty much needs Hands and Steady to be effective.

These weapons are best at deathmatch, capture the flag, zombie and bomb mode. Since they are generally high risk close combat weapons, they are usually bad at survivor matches. Modes where you have do secure a place depends on the terrain. If the place is an enclosed space with known entry points, then a shotgun or subgun would be devastating. However sometimes the place is wide open so generally the AK47 is best in those modes. The shotgun is especially good at defending the flag in capture the flag because you can camp right next to a corner where the enemy will have to go through and instakill them once they come in. I hope the subgun gets a speed boost in 2.6. If it does it would be the perfect weapon to use to capture the flag. For zombie mode, the subgun can easily get multiple headshots, and the shotgun can instakill at close range and blow zombies backward. In fact, the shotgun and subgun are the most commonly used weapons in zombie mode.

Well, that's it. If you want to add anything or correct anything that I said, say so in the comments. Anybody can change this tutorial and put it on the wiki if they want.

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2013-10-14, 09:13 PM
RE: How to be godly with subgun and shotgun.... tutorial
just as a note this will not work on my testing server as well since a lot of the specs for weapons are pretty drastically changed.
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