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Bullet rate limited
2013-11-02, 03:00 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-02, 03:01 AM by camper.)
Bullet rate limited
I in the wiki wrote a wish:
Bullet rate limited (as in RedEclipse) and include the force of gravity. You can easily make a difference in the weapon when the pistol is not effective at long distances.

To demonstrate what I mean, I did variables for RedEclipse1.4. You can download it from here. To start you need to copy the file to a folder settings RedEclipse and execute console / exec rac2.cfg. I am not a programmer and I not know code assaultcube reloaded. Is it difficult to similarly change the weapons in the ACR?
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2013-11-02, 08:10 AM,
RE: Bullet rate limited
The CubeScript allow the use of a part of the hardcoded functions and variables in scripts and commands and most of the usable variables can be modified. The lists of usable hardcoded variables and functions are, of course, also hardcoded and defined by the developper.

The problem is, in most games using one of the two Cube engines, weapons are entirely defined in the hardcode, using numbers, constants and variables that can't be used in a CubeScript script. It's a developpers' choice, not an engine limitation. Due to this fact, you can change the appearance and the sounds of the weapons at replacing data files but, to customize their manner to work, you need modify and recompile the source code.

In Red Eclipse, it's different : there are lots of hardcoded variables that are related to weapons and can be modified via the CubeScript. A similar change is planned for ACR but, for now, it remain to do.

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