CubeScript limitations
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CubeScript limitations
The CubeScript is a practical script language. It allow nice changes without recompile the game but its possibilities remain very limited.

Technically, there are lots of extend of this language that are possible with minor changes of the C++ source code.

There also are suggested or requested extends that require more important changes in the source code (such as the CubeScript defined weapons and gamemodes).

Finally, there also are limitations of the use of some commands that are not actually easy to understand (record demo is impossible in single player, coop edit is, by default, denied in multiplayer, etc...).

The AC developper added, in AC 1.2, dozens of new functions and variables to the AC Cubescript, including at least thirteen new triggers.

I think the ACR CubeScript need some extends (more hardcoded variables and functions and the removal of absurd limitations).

I wait, of course, your reactions.

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2014-10-13, 07:26 PM (This post was last modified: 2014-10-13, 07:26 PM by Victor.)
RE: CubeScript limitations
At the time when this thread was originally posted, ACR 2.5.8 was the latest release, which used AC 1.0 as the base.

Now, the beta version ACR 2.6.1 uses AC 1.2 as the base, but the latest stable release, ACR 2.6, is still on AC 1.0.

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2014-10-14, 04:50 PM
RE: CubeScript limitations
When I wrote this, if my remembers are exact, most of the users of the forum seemed to believe several aspect of the game remained improvable but not the CubeScript.

Of course, I didn't agree with that (at least about the CubeScript) and I wrote this to explain the CubeScript remained improvable.

OK, ACR 2.6.1 include the AC 1.1/1.2 improvements (even if I didn't seriously test them) but what I meant isn't limited to them.

It remain true today. this is why, when I suggested it in th thread Cube Mod 1.0

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