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2013-12-09, 07:54 PM,
Hi. I started playing AC, but the community is silent, trollers and flamers, or douches, so I came here in hope of better people! I love to mess around when I play, so if I get only one kill during a match, its not because I suck(maybe), but more so that I'm not very competitive. I hope to have fun Big Grin
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2013-12-09, 08:25 PM,
RE: Hiya
LOL hi there! Yeah, that was the reason why I came over to ACR also. Dont worry, we're a tight knit community that can only expand with time. =)

I go by DSO, unless you wanna type out my entire username hehe. Resident firearms "specialist" and combat applications innovator at your service

Windows 8 fanboy =D
"Not dead, can't quit"
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