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Mod System
2014-01-05, 06:03 PM (This post was last modified: 2014-01-06, 01:11 AM by ruler501.)
Mod System
As some of you know ACR is now run off of a mod system. There have also been some mod manager releases recently(namely mine and rXn's). How many of you knew that the mod system existed and how many of you use it as opposed to just overwriting files.

EDIT: Here is an explanation of the mod system. Please answer the poll before reading this

(2013-04-13, 10:21 AM)Victor Wrote: This is the best way to package your mods, so that people can easily manage and remove them.

- mods
- (mod name)
  - packages (example)
    - (stuff)
- (mod name).bat

In the .bat file, place:
Client.bat %* --mod="mods/(mod name)"

Note that you can have multiple --mod flags.

(2014-01-05, 05:40 PM)ruler501 Wrote: Another note. Mods that come first in the order overwrite those that come later.

so if you have
--mod=mods/moda --mod=mods/modb

moda would overwrite modb, so if you are adding in mods to the latest ACR --mod=acr should be last otherwise it will overwrite your mods.

Basically as the above say is that we can create folders where ACR will look to find files(like weapons, textures, sounds, etc) first before it searches the main directory. This allows us to install mods without overwriting old files that might be important. To distribute mods like this you create a zip folder with the same structure as the ACR root(usually this means you'll just have a packages directory on top, but sometimes you might have others also) and build to where your files will go. You place your files in this tree where they should go and people can extract to the mods directory to install them(you do have to edit the --mod=mods/moda into the batch/shell file on your own though).
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2014-01-05, 08:05 PM
RE: Mod System
could you link some of those mod manager posts to me through mail buddy, thanks in advance

[Image: 521dba91454f1.jpg]
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2014-01-06, 01:12 AM
RE: Mod System
Updated the first post with an explanation
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