Default Gameplay Experience and Complimentary Weapons
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Default Gameplay Experience and Complimentary Weapons
Hi guys,

So I was looking over again of the youtube videos @theparrypearl made, and immediately I felt as if the game was at least 20 years older than what it really is. I understand that we do have a mod program to make packages easier to modify, but there are players who barely can open folders without going to the wrong one.

Here's some things that are immediately recognizable:
1. THE FLASH IS HORRIBLY BLINDING! When you ADS any weapon, the flash when you fire completely obstructs the sight picture.
I do use a custom flash, but I'm not sure if we need it to be licensed. Heck, I forgot where I even got that flash. But it works, and isn't as blinding.

2. The default weapon models are very lacking in detail. We do have some custom weapon models created by our awesome modelers, and I believe that we should vote on some of them to replace the current ones in game. For instance, the Skorpion EVO made by Padge1 is very detailed. That should probably replace the default MP5k model.

not sure if this topic was ever brought up before, but I do understand the M16 and AK being in game because of the whole democracy vs communism thing popularized in media (USA vs Russia?). But limiting our choices to 2 weapons is rather limiting for the lack of a better term. Could we have some of the models made by our modelers become complimentary weapons with alternate stats?
For example, the FN2000 could be a higher hipfire accuracy M16, but with a higher reload time, since bullpup magazine changes are more difficult compared to standard platforms.
We already have the Mk.12 DMR in testing as a compliment to the M21 SWS. I think @ruler501 was running his test server with possible stats for the FN2000. If we add more choices to the player, that'd make gameplay much more varied and might expand the quality of the game.

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RE: Default Gameplay Experience and Complimentary Weapons
1. I don't use muzzle flash. IDGAF if its cheating or not its really lame and has anyone ever heard of flash hiders?? The point of flash hiders is to prevent the flash around the sight area.

2. The problem is most modelers just do what they want and don't model specifically for a specific weapon type. FN2000 looks nice but it has an EOTech. FN SCAR looks nice but it has an EOTech. What we really need is an M4 with Aimpoint red dot sights because EOTechs require a special non-standard reticle. Also modelers don't follow the licensing guidelines when it comes to textures, making them useless for the game. A lot of the time the models have too many polygons and look too realistic compared to the other guns, looking like it was ripped and breaking gameplay. The only model that I think could actually make it to the game could be bluwarguy's shotgun (if he wrote a license for it).

3. Red dot sights should be dependent on whether the gun has red dots or not (maybe in the config file for the weapon) by default. There should be an option to turn it on/off.

4. Fonts should NOT be colored, and there should be a minimalist HUD for people who want it.

5. Weapon drops (allow the menu model for the weapon to pop up where a player died). Each weapon keeps track of its own ammunition left so if another player with the same weapon picks it up the player gets more ammo. Players can also drop weapons to increase their movement speed which could come in handy during CTF, which leads to...

6. Gunspeed should be rewritten to account for all of the players weapons and ammo, not the current weapon that the player holds right now. That way players can choose to run a light setup and run extremely quickly vs have a lot of ammo and be bogged down. This also leads to...

7. A better weapon selection menu (similar to Urban Terror's menu). You should have the option to only use a secondary or use two secondaries (replace a primary with a secondary) or only use a primary (no secondary).

8. More gimmicky weapons. Bombs that can be planted and detonated remotely. Offensive wand magic. Better swords/knives. More perks/gamemodes. There should be something new to it so that people don't get bored of the game. One of the main reasons why I still play is the fun knife throwing and swording (although it sucks right now).

About IDEA 2: We already have sucky models for our current weapons, so do we need to add more complex weapons and thus increase dependency for models? I think we should focus on making our current game a better experience instead.

Most of these are just suggestions on the programming side of things but 90% of the problems are from the modelers side of things. I know it is really hard to make models but right now our game sucks because our default models suck and our extra content models rock. Most people never see the extra content models, they look at the default game and say it sucks. In order to be in the default game it needs three things:

1. The model has to either be an existing model of something that looks bad and needs to be replaced or a model of something that has been approved by the majority of people that will replace the current weapon.
2. The model has to be licensed AND have licensed textures. That means if you are making it yourself you HAVE to include a license.
3. The model has to look similar in style to the other weapons, not have too high of a polygonal count or be way too realistic like taken out of Battlefield or Call of Duty. Many people run this game on low performance computers.

[Image: name_zps459dc421.gif]
[Image: cooltext1206791925_zps58ab60b5.gif]

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RE: Default Gameplay Experience and Complimentary Weapons
Agreed with you Mossy. Just waiting to see what the modelers have to say about this. Also, I wonder what's the status of Padge1's work. Is it licensed? He does do all of his textures on his own.

Originally, the SCAR and FN2000 were just red dots, but I think it was at my request that they were changed to EOTech reticles. With the pseudo-RDS code we have now, we get weapons with Red dots that glow. I think removing them entirely would actually be a better thing, and like you said, just having the code do the work.

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