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About server settings
2014-05-03, 04:28 PM,
About server settings
Quote:DuTcHR3B3L5 : hey
DuTcHR3B3L5 : i need some help
DuTcHR3B3L5 : if i want to choose a server it says that there are no servers
DuTcHR3B3L5 : how can i fix this?
Victor : The problem is that we don't have any servers...
asmanel : Yesterday, I played online and there only was two servers but one of them didn't respond.
asmanel : According to what I understood, when you connect as client, all is fully automated, but when you want to start a server, strangely, all is harder
asmanel : You need manually set your server and it can work or not depending on obscure network settings reasons, and I never found some clear documentation about this.
asmanel : apparently, a part of the settings that need to be manually set need it because they can't be automatically determined.
asmanel : The problem, it's the client need determine theses setiings first to reach the master server but the client user has nothing to manually set.
asmanel : In other words, there is something wrong.
asmanel : If the client can reach without problem the master server, why the server can't do it, or can do it but can't reach a client after ?
asmanel : Theorically, the server setting can be more automated than they are now.

DuTcHR3B3L5 said there was no servers. Victor responded that is an ACR problem, then I also responded to explain how set how set a server is hard. However, it turned to an ananlysis saying a server can be more automatised that show server setting can be more automated than they already are.

I don't know how ACR 2.7 will be about this but there will probable remain some work to do to make easier server settings.

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2014-05-07, 06:12 PM,
RE: About server settings
Apparently, it isn't just a server settings problem.

Quote:DuTcHR3B3L5 : okay. yesterday i found 2 servers but none of them repond. how?
Victor : DuTcHR3B3L5, those servers didn't port-forward correctly, and the master-server can't check
Victor : Since the master-server can't check, the master-server just registers them anyway
asmanel : do you know what prevent a correct port-forward ?
Victor : Most routers block unknown incoming packets because they don't know where to send them. That's why you have to port-forward to a specific computer.
asmanel : In this case, why the client work properly from normal computers ?
kingpep : Does anyone play this game???
Victor : asmanel, what do you mean?
asmanel : theorically, the communications client-server (game server or master server) and the server-server are nothing more than communications between two program on two different computers
asmanel : If there are network securities or problems that prevent clients from using connecting to distant server, the fact servers from same computer don't work sound logic
asmanel : but if the client work properly, there are no reason the server program doesn't work properly from the same machine, unless abnormally exotic paccket are used.
Victor : No, if you are the client, you make outgoing requests and the router's NAT can handle the replies.
Victor : If you are the server, you listen on a port, but you need the router to route the packets to you
Victor : Just research [ network address translation ] in a search engine.
asmanel : I understand better the problem now.

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