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2014-08-01, 11:05 AM,
Hello Tongue , I'm a player assault cube, I was blacklisted in 2012 and 2013 in AC, because brazilians, but that does not matter now Dodgy. I do not like the AC community, and I think the admins do not know how to manage the AC. Assault Cube Reloaded will officially open and will have servers? It will be a normal game? online. If it is when? I wonder if the Assault Cube Reloaded will be online in the future.
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2014-08-01, 01:06 PM,
ACR has been "officially open" since December 2010, but we've always had problems getting players. ACR did not have many players, and those few players became bored because there were almost no players. The game was always stuck at 12 players or less, and they left before it grew more.

There haven't been any new releases for half a year, but a beta version of 2.7 is expected within a few weeks.

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