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Flash Grenade
2014-08-12, 10:37 AM,
Smile  Flash Grenade
Sorry for my inactivity, I blame my additude :| now that school is starting back up ( woohoo 9th grade )
I will be able to get back to modeling and sound editing
Lucky for me I have everything I could possibly need on a flash drive for times same
But on my list of things I have planed
Finish my M4 Carbine with m203 grenade launcher
Upload my M67 grenade model replacement
Start the new health item model ( battlefield like)
And hopefully get some new sound effects out, last month epicz have me a sound pack with some really nice sounds in it , I combined a few of them ( still worried abot some copyright stuff) and now have a decent ak47 sound for firing and reloading ( still need a couple changes to the sound wave but it's all good)
Unfournatley these sounds take a bit of space :/ the ak47 in a mp3 is 2.3 Mb in total
But anyways more on that later
I was playing the new modern combat five lately ( also to blame for inactivity)
And have been wowed by the fabulous effects xD
Unfournatley as acr lacks different types of grenades I think I nice implantation would be a flash grenade, because the flash grenade is one of the most widely used explosive devices ( even if they don't harm ) so the idea of it code wise is
When grenade is thrown ( also keep in mind a perk to help against stun effects would be nice)
Grenade is within 3 feet of a player , that players current frame is saved and presented or buffered with the next frames , the amount of time the effect last depends on various things,
Speed of the player , wether or not he has a anti stun or flash effect"
And how far away the player was when the grenade hit, the frame will be displayed over the next frames as a flash or stun effect , the frame will slowly fade away over time Smile I personaly can make a flash grenade model if nesscsry but I do not belive it is....
Reply your thoughts :> constructive critisism :>

God must love stupid people. He made so many.

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2014-08-12, 06:56 PM,
RE: Flash Grenade
I'm working on a branch that will add this functionality. We do need a model though if someone wants to submit one.
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2014-08-13, 12:59 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-08-13, 01:03 AM by DeltaStrikeOp.)
RE: Flash Grenade
Well, our current grenade model is the best representation of a "flash grenade" for ACR.

One thing that is rather interesting is that the military is researching pure "flash" grenades. There were many instances of flashbangs prematurely detonating while in the operator's hands, causing severe injuries including dismemberment of fingers.

I do like the whole "buffering frames" thing, but physiologically, would the human brain constantly process the last image he/she saw before being temporarily blinded? Or would a pure white overlay that fades with time be a sufficient representation of the flash grenade? A mod I worked with actually used a black overlay, the reason being that if you look into a camera flash, you kinda see a black spot after the flash goes off.

Windows 8 fanboy =D
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2014-08-13, 01:48 AM,
RE: Flash Grenade
I´ve seen that frame buffering flashbang effect somewhere,in CSS I guess.

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2014-08-13, 08:45 AM,
RE: Flash Grenade
If I upload the m67 that can replace the current frag nade, and the current model will represent the flash,
A blinding light is much more realistic,
Frame buffering I believe is matched up with "stun" grenade ( apologies )
I belive an interesting feature is when u are holding a live grenade ( when you click the grenade and hold on to it , in order to time your throw) is the grenade exploding in your hand, ( I do belive that's the effect currently with frag)
Well what if the flash has the same effect [exploding in hand] but instead of killing you are blinded for a second and your gun is switched to secondary ( think of it as a punishment for letting a grenade explode in your hand)
With that said your still have a chance to pull yourself together and get of some kills or something
( the frag grenade would kill u in hand but not the flash)

God must love stupid people. He made so many.

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2014-08-13, 08:49 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-08-13, 08:53 AM by ruler501.)
RE: Flash Grenade
I was writing a pure white overlay that fades over 2.5 seconds.

EDIT: Moved to Suggestions
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2014-08-13, 09:40 AM,
RE: Flash Grenade
That sounds perfect ( by the way would need a new icon for flash ? As apposed to frag? Cause those two types of grenades look different

God must love stupid people. He made so many.

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