IMPORTANT: Future Plans
2014-10-18, 05:08 AM (This post was last modified: 2014-10-18, 02:48 PM by Victor.)
IMPORTANT: Future Plans
As far as I know in the past month we have lost more people than we have lost in the past year. Inactivity is a major flaw. But we must endure it because as of now we have not gone as public as anyone would have hoped.
I'm here to state that a new project has been planned for development, due to school,universities,jobs etc. development has been extremely low (if that) I can proudly say that this project has been the most exciting thing I've worked on yet,and hope it is no the last. It's time to move on. Assault Cube Reloaded remains at heart and here. Of course the ACR game has a few updates left and soon will be discontinued as "major" pushing it's own self to minor. I hope in the future we can pick it back up with a new engine and bring it back but as if now, as everyone is settling into school and life we will begin to find time to spend on development of the new project. I personally am as ready as I'll ever be. I'm sure many of you are expecting "new project next week release" but sadly that can not just happen. We will continue to work on assault cube reloaded until the first release of the project is exposed. At that time AssaultCube will ease itself away from constant development into fun experience and perhaps development from you all. ? I will deliver as much information as I can (many other people are gone) so please hang tight. Smile Love You Cubers!

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2014-10-18, 08:49 AM
Except a period when an important number of new gun models and skins appeared (those ones were of very similar mods in a short period, and they turned near to kill ACR), the new mods rare.

This is why the forum turn less and less active. Until ACR 2.5.9, new version was enough frequent to keep stable the community but when it turn slower when Victor choosed to use AC 1.2 as base for the next versions.

About the source mods, only one was made but its author only released the code changes and no executable. The problem with this kind of mods is have the source code and a C++ isn't enough. There are needed dynamic link libraries that apparently are compatible with only one compiler + OS couple, and there is no helpfull documentation.

It turned even worse when the forum turned back to its default skin because this last one don't include the links to the wiki and the armory. I don't undertstand why Victor didn't simply turned back it to its previous skin.

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2014-10-18, 09:04 AM
A point in the site skin reference
I get on here on my phone, (as my I don't really get online on my computer)
And the skin things have bugged me infinitivly :<
And even now I still am having issues but I don't blame anyone, because the skin is ment for a full PC browser to access instead of a phone lol
And I don't think there is much left to add to ACR unless it's a complete remake(I.e New engine etc, not to mention all the legal and copyright issues we used to have :'( ) a new project is simply in mind as development for ACR ends in questions marks "what should we add" mods rarely come out (I'm so lazy about mine I just model them don't even get to exporting or texturing but there are so many things people want that we can't provide with what we have now
Leading to Less Players
Leading to less Interested People
Leading to inactive forums
More common updates doesn't make any difference,
And as a Open Source game many people come here to learn,
But what's to learn ? 6 year old modeling formats?
How to make laggy servers?
In fact I came here last year because modeling was my interest at the time
And I've learned more from epic z Padge DSO wolf and all of you guys then any amount of stalking YouTube could teach me.
I think a simple way of saying this is it's "OutDated"
I mean what would happen if we used CryEngine?
a new model format?
Or higher quality Audio?
People would play because they see that it's modern,
It's like now, I would never in my wildest dreams go play half life 1.
Why? Cause half life 2 is here and has been for a god long time
I wouldn't go play bad company 2 cause the current game is a steady 4 years ahead
Assault Cube has not moved on into that phase, a new project is not nessescary, but a new way of thinking is.

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2014-10-18, 12:57 PM
A new project is necessary,there is no other way!

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2014-10-18, 02:48 PM
During December, I will resume development on ACR and try to finish 2.7. In addition, I will probably start a new project similar to ACR on a new engine (Real Eclipse or Polycube), since people with older hardware can use lower (graphics) settings. Then people can either submit pull requests or fork ACR if they want to continue it.

@asmanel, as you can see, parts of this skin are broken, but I later realized that for now, it's probably better than using an unconfigured default theme.

Best regards,
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2014-10-18, 04:37 PM
OK, even if the dynamic library problem need to be solved to make a source mod or a fork of ACR.

@Fru5trum The mod stuff ideas page of the wiki contains example of possible improvements of the Cube Engine, and I know other that aren't on this page : The tag numbers of the cubes and the ambiant light can't be checked ingame and record demos is impossible. Make them possible is a possible future improvement.

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2014-10-19, 07:20 AM
RE: IMPORTANT: Future Plans
There's no reason to assume ACR is finished, I agree that tree is plenty that we are able to do. I think of it this way.
There are 2 types of people.
Old. New.
ACR = Older
*insert new game name here* = Newer
I want ACR and I'm sure everyone wants ACR into the "New" category, there is plenty we are able to do. The hardest part is getting started.
I'm bring up this next idea out of sheer curiosity, I've noticed games and programs have certain version for graphics i.e HD version or SD or whatever
ACR - HD could be a version of ACR with a different engine or improved cube 1
ACR (current one) would stay with current engine :)
As far as i know bumping up some bitmaps or graphics will changing framerate in a good way.
30 frames is okay for a high level game
60 is okay for this
120 is great
But as soon as it goes over 120 you loose experience , you tend to think of all the things missing that are giving such high framerate :(
ACR has made way to many sacrifices for Framerate and Stability
I mean 300 frame + on a 6 year old laptop?! That to me is absurd
ACR HD would be that version where your feeling great when you hit 60fps beachside you know it's a struggle :>

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2014-10-19, 09:52 AM
RE: IMPORTANT: Future Plans
I have college stuff to worry about lately, but I'll still attempt to create content.

Windows 8 fanboy =D
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2014-10-20, 08:51 PM
RE: IMPORTANT: Future Plans
I understand completely, I hope in the future modeling or modding projects will take much longer due to higher quality so taking your time is no problem at all

God must love stupid people. He made so many.

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2014-11-04, 10:27 PM
RE: IMPORTANT: Future Plans
ACR is a nice game, thank you all who made this possible :').

Regarding the new engine... have you ever heard about ecereSDK?
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