Team background (old idea)
2014-10-25, 04:50 PM
Team background (old idea)
It's part of an old mod idea I had a long time ago. It was a background for single player and multiplayer scenarios with more than two factions.

Since an already forgotten date, the RED independists fight BLUE special forces in the Cube Zone, that is part of the Cube Country.

A stranger army from the Cube Federation, the GREEN invasion force, attack a part of the Cube Country including the Cube Zone. Its goal is destroy the local forces and annex the attacked zones. In the Cube Zone, the special forces need to fight as well the invader and the independists because the regular army try to defend the remain of the country.

The true reason of Cube Federation attack is a conflict against the the Cube Empire. The attacked zones are strategic for both. This is why the same zones are also attacked by the YELLOW occupation army, an army of the Cube Empire which attack with the same reason, the same goal, and the same instructions.

If you think there is something wrong with this, you may be true because there also are gangs in the Cube Zone and the four previous factions have them as common ennemy. The PURPLE evil dogs gang is one of them and it's an archetypal but powerful example.

All this don't prevent gang wars and one of the evil dogs' main ennemy is the CYAN cartel, which, of course, act exactly like the evil dogs with the other factions.

If the evil dogs and the cartel are classic gangs, "nobler" criminal groups exist, such as the BLACK mafious, a gang that have several fronts in the Cube Country, and the main is an important corporation. This gang have interests to defend in the Cube Zone and vandetta is part of its culture.

The main rivals of the previous faction are the WHITE mercenaries, a little but relatively efficient army, secretly working for a very important corporation which use them for mafious practices.

In other words, there are eight main factions each one have "good reasons" to fight any one of the seven others.

This background was an easy way to justify in a scenario team based matches with three or more teams. It also partly justify there is no neutral civilian, stranger to the battle on the battlefied.

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2014-10-29, 06:30 PM
RE: Team background (old idea)
It could work if we had 8 teams. I think Cube 2 and Red Eclipse have support for multiple teams.

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