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ACR features in AC
2015-04-12, 08:51 AM,
Information  ACR features in AC
Hey guys, I had few ideas which you guys might like. My idea is to add some of the ACR features into the next AC version. ACR can work with AC to add some features to the next version. I will take a lot less time to add feature to AC because the both games are running on Cube engine and the files can be copied and pasted and than few changes can be made so the features work.

Reason for this would be that the new features in ACR are quite good and they could be used in AC. A lot of people play AC than ACR and adding features in AC will help make the game better.

These are the thing that i would recommend adding to the AC's next version:
  • The weapons with the skin and the aim on all the weapons. Also adding the classes to AC new version would be great. the bullets cumming out of the gun is great but need to remove the bullets bouncing off the walls.
  • Adding the perks and the kill streak will be great.
  • Adding the chat menu on the right side on the screen and than the kills on the top right corner. This will help people read the full messages. This is another thing i find helpful.

This is all I think which should should be added to the next version of AC. These changes should be great to the AC players and they shouldn't take a lot of time developing as the both games are running on Cube engine and should be quite easy to transfer to AC.

Me and my Clan will be very grateful if these changes are added to the next version of AC.

More suggestion for next ACR suggestions.
  • May be adding some thing like personal levels with some statistics with in the game. Leveling people on their kills. The more kills the player gets the higher the level gets.

Thank you.
{KK}[email protected]
KK's clan
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2015-04-12, 11:19 AM,
RE: ACR features in AC
ACR is a fork of AC. Nobody here have any influence over the AC development.

Victor founded ACR because he didn't agree with the AC policy. The AC developpers know but hate us. They picked up several ideas suggested for ACR and included them on AC but we don't have any influence over them (and they haven't any influence over us).

When ACR was founded, the last AC version was a version 1.0.x and AC and ACR never was developped by the same people.

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2015-04-12, 12:50 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-04-12, 12:50 PM by {KK}Waleed.)
RE: ACR features in AC
aaaaaa OK, so ACR is separated from AC. Until now i always though of AC and ACR working together.

I like both AC and ACR and I play both of these games. ACR I think can do a lot better because of the fact that there are new people behind ACR and I think they understand people better.

I am very happy to make by Clan into an AC and ACR clan, but there need to be some changes made to the ACR, which are like our clan requirements towards ACR.

Thank you.
{KK}[email protected]@leed
KK's clan
website: www.kksclan.tk
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