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ACR data server
2015-06-23, 04:08 PM,
ACR data server
Recently (actually eleven days ago), I read this article about Pocket, a centralised service Mozilla chose to include in Firefox. (it already is included in a part of the copies of Firefox 38.0.5, the current version, depending on the language of the copy)

At reading this, I rethinked about the initiative Dégooglisons Internet (I don't know who here remember this thread about it), which warn against several things that can be dangerous, including centralization.

It make I rethinked about an other centralized service : the AC data servers.

Ok, there are several servers but they are several copies of a same database, and, to be downloadable on them from the game, any data need to be submitted on the ac-akimbo forum then approved by an administrator of this forum, who can as well delete it from the ac-akimbo site.

What I suggest is, once ACR 2.6.3 released, work on a compatible data server, to allow data download from AC/ACR without the ac-akimbo admins approval, and a way to link it to the ACR-Armory.

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