Pro Package
2016-03-08, 12:22 PM
Pro Package
Hi guys.
I am currently working on a small project, called Pro Project. I am currently creating a website which will allow anyone to download free packages, made of various different things.

A Package is made of few different things joined together.
Such as: 2 Weapons models each with a new skin, a pick up skin, few scripts and graphics.

At the moment, I am creating few different packages, however my first package would be 'ICE COLD' package. However the packages I am creating are for AC and I want to create packages for both AC and ACR as both are very similar games. So would you guys want me to create packages and skins for ACR. Not only will I create packages, but also general skins, models, graphics and etc. Similar to armory but will have lots more features.

Also if anyone want to submit anything then there will be option to submit files and they will be posted on the website.

Any questions?? Just ask below Big Grin
Thank you.

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2016-03-09, 03:21 PM
RE: Pro Package
What do you mean by "Packages"?
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2016-03-10, 03:09 PM
RE: Pro Package
Ye I didn't explain very well... so here is some more information about my future plans:

A Package contains different game elements, which the user can download and easily copy and paste or easily install.
Package itself can includes more than one element of the game and can have many different things, such as models, scripts and etc.

My idea is to create a website, where AC and ACR players can come and download free packages, created by myself. On my website I will also include option for anyone to submit their package and once I have inspected the package, I will add it to the website and then everyone can easily download it.  
The website will be similar to AC-Akimbo or ACR armoury, however it will look a lot more like an online assets store, so it a lot easier than going through lots of thread on forms. Even though it won’t have any discussions like forums, but there will be comment box available on almost every page of the website (except the main pages such as Home, About and News).

Other than completed packages, anyone can download single elements such as a weapon or a misc item and etc. There will be most things available to download, which a player can download and customize.

What makes my website different from ac-akimbo and ACR armory, is that it's a lot easier to use (specifically made for downloading content) so it's a lot easier than going through tons of thread and different forums. Also it will have tons of different features such as comments, page views, ratings and etc. Also the files are hosted my web server and I constantly make backups and my storage space is unlimited, so it never runs out.

Even though my first intention was to have it for AC but then I came across ACR and now see it a good opportunity to help this community. The website will also be beneficial for long-term, as I constant backups are made and there is no issue of threads being deleted or links not working any more.

Thanks for reading. Any questions.... then comment and I would be happy to reply back.
Thanks Big Grin

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2016-03-13, 07:49 PM
RE: Pro Package
You might want to consider having a voting/reputation system: users with higher reputation would have more impact on the votes. It would make moderation possibly faster.

Best regards,
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2016-03-14, 10:49 AM
RE: Pro Package
ye I agree. However at the moment I have exams in less than 30 days, so preparing for the big exams. But I will make a vote after my exams.

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2016-05-15, 01:44 PM
RE: Pro Package
Update: Instead of Pro Packages, I ask Victorz if I could create a new ACR Akimbo site, where it's a lot easier to find and download stuff.
Example: When someone new (like my self first time came here) I found if difficult to look through the whole forums and download the things which I found useful. Therefore, new Armory which is dedicated to better user experience especially when we need more players in our community, it will help everyone to easily find and download content straight off the website.
Anyone can register and start posting content and there are many other features of the site, so I hope you guys will like it.

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