New version?
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New version?
Hello Victor and ACR.

When will be released the new version and what will change?


Victor I have a question, I'm being honest, for almost two years, I asked you when the new version would be released, and you say "a few weeks". Already spent nearly two years and nothing, Victor ACR has much potential, you can make this game an incredible game, but for that, you have to have ambition and want, I need to know you are working hard on this project? You want this game to be a success and get a lot of people, or you do not want to care?

Please Victor, not misunderstand me, I respect you, but I'm not telling about what you are doing for the game, you understand me? Please tell me, I can easily bring some players to this game, it is a help .. in new version, I will create servers, I'll also create a ts3 server to unite the players to prepare matches. You're probably busy with something in your life. But you have a project, this game can be amazing as I said before .. what you will change in the new version? I think you need to forget the COD ... sorry to say this, but if the game is like COD, why play ACR?
This is ACR. It is not COD. Change a few things .. for example, why crosshair like the COD?
You will remove the flag indicator?
Why not remove everything else like the COD?
For example, you launch the new version, and then to launch the new version, why not start working in bomb mode? It would be something fantastic.
I think this game can be wonderful, but for that you need to have ambition and have new ideas, develop things ..
Sorry my English mistakes, my English is not very good. you understand What do I mean? I did not insult you, I am not anyone to judge you, I thank you for creating this game, but I'm curious what will change in version 2.7 ..

Think about it, and please tell me what will change.


Victor, I honestly think I forgot the COD would be better .. but you do know, I'm not anyone to tell what is right or wrong, I'm just saying my opinion the experience I have in games.
Is it possible you remove the perks?
Is it possible you remove the flag indicator?
Is it possible you move the crosshair?
It will be possible when a player spawn, you remove the invulnerability?
Is it possible to remove the shot with a knife? (Lol)
The sniper kills with one shot, why?
I think this would make the simplest and best game, and has several other things ..
Tell me what you will do please


Victor, I tested classic mode, yes its better, but one thing... can you remove the indicator of flag in hunt the flag and keep the flag like CTF? and its possible you remove all perks? I HATE RPG lol, if its mode >>CLASSIC<< You can remove all perks please in next version, please victor, is mode classic...
Please dont forget, crosshair... I cant play with that crosshair, isn't for PC lol
Exemple, I'm playing 2vs2, I'm in RVSF, and when I die I can see the players of the enemy team... lol, think about it too...
In mode classic, you can remove the invulnerability when spawn...
Well I think in mode classic you can change the things but stay like you want in others modes.. classic is classic
One more time, sorry for my bad english, but I think you can understand and the rest of comunity.
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2016-03-11, 09:02 PM (This post was last modified: 2016-03-11, 09:03 PM by CoDaC.)
RE: New version?
Hey LeXuS, I also want to know when will launch the new version and I'm looking forward to playing, and I hope some changes too ...
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2016-03-11, 09:51 PM
RE: New version?
Hey CoDaC, yes, I want to play the new version also, I wait you in the new version for I win you! ahah :-)
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2016-03-12, 02:55 PM
RE: New version?
Ofcourse, 100% with you .LeXuS''. Even though I was away from ACR for a while (Came across ACR July 2015 and joined in August, but then was away form ACR for over 3 months). In all that time ACR hasn't changed a bit. To make a sucessful game you have to advertise, listen to players and reularly update the game.

Advertise: Create youtube videos and with attractive content. you don't want things similar to other game such as AC unless you have a big community.
Communicate regularly, so everyone feels, they are part of the communnity. Take the suggesting and answer questions. Help the one who need help and allow them to help you too, so they feel they are truely part of the game.
Update: Get the suggestions from the community and make they reality, quickly. Use other people around you to help you. Even adding little updates every month is good.

So use what you have and it will help you make the game a lot more successful. People want game that looks similar to COD, which have low requirements and add your special features to it, to make it different from other games.

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2016-03-12, 03:13 PM
RE: New version?
This game has a lot of potential ... as I said, I can bring now more than 10 players perhaps, and these 10 players, may come some friends of these 10, why not? It is an example, this game can be great in the near future. Its possible... We have to think so, and I wonder if the victor thinks so too.
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2016-03-12, 03:35 PM
RE: New version?
Ye i am with you .LeXuS''. Even right now ACR is a good game but players will leave the gajme progress stays like this...

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2016-03-12, 07:03 PM (This post was last modified: 2016-03-12, 08:19 PM by .LeXuS''.)
RE: New version?
Waleed today I played it. We were 6 people in the server playing, is a start. If the people participating in the forum begin to play too, the game will evolve... the victor needs to expand the game and do advertising.
People who are active in the forum, begin to be active in the game too, play a few times please guys. Today we were 6 in the server, in a week we can be 10 and then 15, and so evolves.

TeamSpeak3 (TS3) Server -

Guys join here, and if you guys wanna play, pm me or pm feeh. Join here to talk and combine to play in Assault Cube Reloaded ok?
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2016-03-12, 10:52 PM (This post was last modified: 2016-03-12, 11:05 PM by Feeh.)
RE: New version?
i agree with what you said but rpg is fine bro xd................
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2016-03-12, 10:55 PM (This post was last modified: 2016-03-12, 11:06 PM by .LeXuS''.)
RE: New version?
maybe Feeh, RPG is fine, maybe RPG can stay in classic mode but remove all perks, RPG can be a second option of the pistols.
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2016-03-12, 10:55 PM (This post was last modified: 2016-03-12, 10:58 PM by Feeh.)
RE: New version?
yea yea
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