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Battle Royale
2019-05-19, 10:10 AM, (This post was last modified: 2019-05-29, 09:03 PM by Victor.)
Battle Royale
The battle royale genre became popular recently in the last few years.

It could be implemented in ACR in an extra game mode or mutator (applicable to survivor, bomber, progressive zombies) as a large shrinking cylinder, which automatically damages players outside it.

Where would the center of the cylinder be? Detecting the center of the map is not always easy, as some AC maps might have a non-playable area. One way is to have the cylinder both shrink and move to the average position of all players. Another way is to use the average position of the CTF flags, if they are available. A random offset can also be added.

To be similar to other battle royale games, instead of continuously moving and resizing the cylinder, a loop like this would occur:
  • a new center and radius is calculated
  • wait for a delay
  • slowly shrink and move the cylinder
  • repeat this list, if the cylinder size is nonzero

The minimap would show the current cylinder and new cylinder. The world would show the current cylinder and maybe the new cylinder.

EDIT: Battle royale normally uses large maps with many players, so it might not work well for ACR. It might work only on larger maps (like longhorn or mega towers).

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