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2012-04-26, 07:23 PM,
Hi there!
well this is embarrassing...
I'd like to introduce myself. while I can't add anything to the table here, I love this game, and I actually joined to ask for the maps from nightmare in the mapping section... lol.

I really think it's awesome, and it got me into all of the other cube games as well. I like them better than nexuiz or Urban Terror. I think the muzzleflashes and ironsights are well done, and there should be multikills and such. Not much of a call of duty or battlefield fan, although I have a few of them. But this game, it's fun. (I AM a COD zombies fan though)

I am an English major in California. Bright future ahead of me :/...

I have been playing games for, say, 12 years and love fps. I have a macbook late 2008 9400m 8gb ram 2.0ghz core2duo and windows 7 bootcamp 64 bit (what I play this game on). Some of my favorite commercial games:

ut99 and 2004 (mains are rocket launcher (both) flak (both) and sniper rifle (99, what I like to call the headshottool Big Grin)

counter strike 1.6

serious sam series
duke nukem 3d
any fps from gog.com
doom I and II, esp. brutaldoom and real weapons hardcore, and d2xtreme.

left4dead and left4dead2, but the first is my favorite.

cave shmups

orcs must die

the haunted: hell's reach

max payne and f.e.a.r.

and I love edm (electronic dance music) and have listened to it for about 12 years also.

Again, I am an instant fan of this game, and the OC is good too, but I like this one better.
quake I-III (4 doesn't run well for me)
and Painkiller.

loooong list. anywho, thanks for the game, and I hope to have a fun time here Big Grin
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2012-04-27, 08:22 PM,
RE: Hi there!
There are some kill combos, 1 second delays max:
2 - double
3 - triple
4 - multi
5 - slaughter
6 - pwning

Best regards,
Your antithesis compares favorably with any high magnitude of pwnage. (-you > |p|, you < -|p|)
My antithesis compares favorably with _that of_ any high magnitude of pwnage. (|-me| > |-p|, |me| > |p|)
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2012-04-27, 10:03 PM,
RE: Hi there!
i meant announcer voices Big Grin
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