Something to say about the mod
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Something to say about the mod
Hi guys,
I'm quite new to the ACR, I've been playing it for near a week. I think this game is great, but that's really boring that most of the resources were ripped off from CoD6... I don't tell you that you shuold remove everything which can be found in the cod series, I mean it would be great if you could replace the cod's UNIQUE ideas, like pictures.

1st: Weapons
- Ok, I think thoose models are really great and I love them!
2nd: KillStreaks
- Awesome idea, but isn't it possible to make unique icons for them? I think they would be better, sinc if I want to play CoD6 then I wont play ACR...
3rd: Bloodscreen
- Naturally this is a cod copy too... For example a screen with scars and some blood around it would look better and wouldn't seem to be such a ripping work...

And here are some ideas that could be applied:
- Add Skins menu at weapon choosing (like gold, silver, etc)
- Add attachments menu at weapons chosing. Ideas that can be used as attachments:
--> Reddot [1.2x zoom for full screen]
--> Grenade Launcher maybe
--> Extended Magazine.
--> Silencer [For example the line showing your hit wouldn't appear]
- Some more weapons, maybe you could categorize them like: Assault, SMG, etc. Here you can find some nice ones which could be a great one if u animate them:

I hope you don't take it offense, it's just some helping ideas. And I think I'm making soon an ACR Clan, and try to get a 24/7 Server. I hope to see you soon ingame Smile
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2012-10-04, 04:56 PM
RE: Something to say about the mod
Currently, there is no code for attachments. Adding attachments for every model will require very many models.

O(2^n) for attachments is not very good.

The blood screen actually comes from OpenWarfare (if you took the time to read /packages/Readme.txt).

If you want new killstreak icons, post to the correct forum. If you want to request a coded feature, use the Issue Tracker.

Best regards,
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