2012-10-28, 01:52 PM
Sad  Old Timer

So I have been a bit of a wanderer, I have played Cube Engine based games since cube was first released in 2001.

I previously went by Death, I also tried to start a clan called ChaosLegion. The clan never lived long as I have ADHD and back then did not have medicine for it.

I gave up hope of AC being a good game about 6 months after that last release. I just found AssaultCube Reloaded about 2 months ago and I wish this game was bigger.

Sadly I can't put much time in to help the game grow. I may host a server and that is it at the moment.

I hope to see ACR grow beyond the small Cube Engine community. With developers who actually listen to the requests of people and who actually want to make the game popular I think it is a possibility.

Long Live AssaultCube Reloaded (or whatever it will go on to be called)

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