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2013-04-21, 09:48 AM,
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog
Eh, I think ACR is very balanced right now. The SMG is kind of the midway between the Assault Rifles and the Shotgun. One does notice however that not many people use SMGs or Shotguns. Personally, I don't think we need another SMG or Shotgun, but here's some suggestions for Padge1 and the developers in case they wish to add some:

1. MP7
I know a member is already working on a MP7 skin. Compared to the MP5, the MP7 would have increased RPM (950 in real life), decreased recoil per shot, and decreased damage. Think of it as maybe the beginner's starting weapon. Accuracy in hipfire mode is debatable since the 4.7x30mm cartridge flies flatter than the 9mm Parabellum of the MP5, but the MP7 has a slightly shorter barrel.

2. P90
The P90 is considered an SMG because of it's pistol round. Compared the the MP5, it would have increased accuracy, increased RPM (900 in real life), decreased recoil per shot (recoil will be higher than MP7 model), and decreased damage (damage will be higher than MP7 model).

I'm not a shotgun fan, but the only shotgun I would consider adding in CQB is potentially a Saiga-20. Currently, the M1014 is very effective in clearing rooms and in close range due to it's semi-auto action. However, it has such a miserable reload time (which is actually a lot faster than in real life) and the spread of the 12 gauge round is ineffective for medium range encounters (~10 meters).

The Saiga 20 for those that are unfamiliar (unless it's also in CoD, then I guess it's popular), is a Russian 20 gauge semiautomatic shotgun that is based on the AK platform. The brother rifle to the Saiga 20 is the Saiga 12, chambered in 12 gauge. It is as durable and reliable as it's cousin AK-pattern rifles. The one thing that makes the Saiga shotguns a game changer is the fact that it feeds from (usually) a 10 round magazine. This means that reloads are as fast as any other weapon in ACR. To compensate for it's magazine system, maybe spread of the Saiga would be lower than the M1014 and the damage would be lower (20 gauge), but everything else would remain the same.

As always, thank you for reading. Big Grin

Windows 8 fanboy =D
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2013-04-23, 11:32 AM,
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog
Maybe new Offical sounds.I could get them.I cn get free sounds with no copyright problem and they are very high quality.The ones now really suck (rpg and barret sounds are really crap-need to fix that)

[Image: 3SVsNlV.png]
2013-04-24, 04:43 AM,
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog
I like the sounds and I think they fit to the crappy graphics. Tongue
2013-04-27, 04:32 AM,
you could send me the download links for the weapons that you created with blender for me to play with? I do not know how to make weapons with blender: (
2013-04-28, 08:21 PM,
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog

My idea for DMR/Combat Engineering mode. Essentially: "M21, Mk.12 SPR, and M1014 only" mode.

It will create greater variety in gameplay, just like pistol and sniper, but not as boring as knife only.

Windows 8 fanboy =D
"Not dead, can't quit"
2013-05-02, 06:48 PM,
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog
for new weapons i would suggest:

g36c (assault)

glock (pistol)
http://ac-akimbo.net/showthread.php?tid=196 it would have 3 round burst

new grenade model:

new compass rose:

the first two need ADS animations but the rest should be good

[Image: cooltext1203588761_zps9cfa0053.gif]
2013-05-02, 07:01 PM,
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog
The only Glock with a selective fire operation is the Glock 18, and it is either fully automatic or semiautomatic.

The M93R on the other hand does have a 3 round burst option.

Windows 8 fanboy =D
"Not dead, can't quit"
2013-05-03, 09:41 AM,
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog
i only suggested it cuz its got 3 round burst in CS

[Image: cooltext1203588761_zps9cfa0053.gif]
2013-05-03, 12:45 PM,
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog
The M67 might be a good replacement, but the compass rose is too obtrusive.

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2013-05-04, 06:19 PM,
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog
Yeah i reAlly like the anim on it. What about the g36c? If someone makes an anim for that would it be good?

[Image: cooltext1203588761_zps9cfa0053.gif]
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