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2013-04-13, 08:12 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-06-25, 02:04 PM by Victor.)

2013-04-13, 11:02 AM,
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog
Victor, I know there's the issue of game balance for weapons, but isn't the .50 BMG more powerful than the .408 Cheytac?

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2013-04-13, 11:25 AM,
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog
Could you please increase the damage of the RPG when it's not directly hitting somebody? It won't kill somebody who is 50cm next to the rocket. Sad
2013-04-13, 01:22 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-04-13, 01:27 PM by Victor.)
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog

2013-04-13, 02:18 PM,
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog
Imho the RPG should deal more "splash" damage. To compensate it you could make it slightly less accurate and/or reduce ammo even more. It should be enough to kill 3-4 people standing close to each other. Btw, it would also be nice if the RPG animation would be improved. Making the explosion "bubble" bigger is a good way of making it more realistic.

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2013-04-13, 08:40 PM,
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog
Gotcha, you implemented conservation of momentum for the .50 Big Meat Grinder. And I guess we could go on and on about terminal ballistics. xD

I agree with the RPG splash. It should be bigger, maybe somewhere either lower than a grenade or higher. Then again, most RPG launchers fire AP/HEAT rounds instead of Antipersonnel.

Windows 8 fanboy =D
"Not dead, can't quit"
2013-04-14, 02:42 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-04-14, 02:44 AM by Fubizz.)
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog
Totally agree with rXn, maybe you could do a rocket animation like the throwing knife ? I mean when the rocket is launched, and make the rocket not that fast to give the enemy a chance ? For example the rocket could take 1.5 seconds to reach the target when you are playing on twintowers and you are on tower 1 and the enemy is on tower 2 ?

Then you could maybe make the throwing knife "slower" so that it's "Airtime" is longer, because it's kinda unrealistic that when you throw the knife, the enemy is hit in less than one second...
And maybe make the gravity for the knife higher so that it will drop faster and would have a lower range ? Because then you can't just one hit enemies on the other site of the map and you could do some cool knife tricks.
2013-04-14, 08:28 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-04-14, 08:28 AM by Victor.)
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog
A rocket animation would require using a projectile though.

I'll increase the range of the RPG, and also the explosion size, but did you read the thread about the fading? Should we use a different curve? Maybe even one that curves on the other side?

2013-04-14, 08:09 PM,
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog

Lightweight HUD is gonna be implemented!

Windows 8 fanboy =D
"Not dead, can't quit"
2013-04-21, 06:43 AM,
RE: 2.5.8 Changelog
Should add a new weapon to like a new shotgun or SMG at least

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