Background Music
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Background Music
Yes, I think this game needs some background music. It is quite anoying that especially Linux has some problems when two programs (like f.e. VLC and ACR) are both playing sounds (I'm using a very special sound system, right? Wink ). As the "original" Cube had really good background musics, it would not harm the game to have some in ACR, too (if someone does not like it, just turn it off! Tongue ).

I have browsed the code and got something like a heart attack when reading sound.cpp. I believe someone had some good ideas, but all that stuff is a bit confusing.
So I ask if somebody gets a problem if I simply make my own music player (that only interacts with the sound.cpp when neccessary)?
In addition I try to make it able to play network streams like web radio, so you could hear your favourite music when fragging Wink. Sadly I think it could take some time as I don't have too much free time.

Btw: CodeBlocks is nice for editing, but still refuses to compile (which works from command-line)

//EDIT: As we might switch to Cube 2 and I dont know about any possible differences there, Ill have to wait...

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2013-05-15, 01:39 PM
RE: Background Music
might as well get windows... just because its so awesome (not windows 8 though, not windows 8...)

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