How to be godly with the knife (and sword).... tutorial
2013-08-21, 03:40 AM
How to be godly with the knife (and sword).... tutorial
NOTE: I actually am not that good with knifes/swords so if there is something you want me to change I will be happy to change it.

Knives are incredibly useful weapons (actually one of the most useful) in ACR. They are a powerful throwing weapon, they can be used as tracers to track locations (for example where zombies are at or to coordinate gameplay), and they can mow down bots in gibbing mode if used properly. Swords are more specialized, usually for defeating players in gibbing match. I still am not that good with the sword but I found out some tricks nonetheless.

1. Yes, you can throw the knife! A surprising amount of people actually don't know that you can throw it, and if they do, they don't know how to throw it properly. So first of all you can prepare the knife to throw by holding down the right mouse button and actually throw it by releasing the mouse button. How do you aim? Simple: you line up the target with the tip of the knife. Of course, you have to account for the drop due to gravity, but it should be pretty simple out to a surprisingly far distance. You can also increase the range by crouching and throwing. It is good to keep the knife held in throwing position, so when you get surprised you automatically release the mouse button causing it to throw straight at the opponent. Also if you die, the knife gets thrown automatically also.

[Image: aimingknife_zps2f8d900b.png]

2. Knives can be used to mark places so that the rest of the team can find them. How? If everybody in your team has vision, they can see the knife that you thrown even through walls and from a distance. For example, in zombie mode you can toss a knife whenever you see zombies before confronting them so that if you die, your teammates can see where the zombie was last found. Also you can track an enemy in a 1v1 or deathmatch by seeing if the knife gets picked up.

[Image: viewthroughwall_zpsf9bb19c8.png]

3. Gibbing survivor matches are part of the default for many of the servers out there, so it is useful to know how to melee with knives. There is a reason why people don't use knives for home defense in real life, most knife fights end up with both people dead. Same with ACR, however, there are ways to trick the bots so that you come up on top 90% of the time. (These were used with the Agile speed perk)

Knife vs Bots:

Method 1: Stand still and move to the right/left. You stand still and wait for the bot to move to you. At the right moment you move to the right/left while slashing. This makes a very good chance of hitting the enemy without getting slashed yourself. However, once you move to the left you have to quickly move diagonally away (moving diagonally such as pressing up and left/right at the same time is faster than moving straight) otherwise you will get slashed. I found that it is not as reliable as the second method because it is tricky to escape. Also while you are standing still other bots might come to slash you.

Method 2: Charge and veer off while slashing. You charge straight at the bot (which is also moving towards you). At the right moment you move slightly to the diagonal (left or right), turn your body (camera, whatever) and slash the bot while continuing to move away from it. Once you slash, you stop moving diagonally, and move straight again, backpedaling so if you missed you can have another go at the bot. This is good if you are already moving straight at the bot, however if you miss it is better to use Method 1 since the bot is already pretty close to you.

Method 3: Charge and pass through the bot while slashing. This doesn't seem like a good idea, but it works surprisingly well. You charge straight at the bot pass through it while slashing, turn around while backpedaling in case you missed. This is when you are in a tight area where you can't do the other methods.

Sword vs Bots:

Charge, backpedal, and slash: This is the only way so far that I know to dispatch bots with the sword. You charge at the bot and at the right moment you move diagonally backward while slashing at the same time. You then backpedal as the bot dies. The reason why you need to move backward is because the sword needs to have a farther distance away to register the hit.

Sword vs Sword (enemy):

This is a bit tricky and I don't know if there is a reliable method for it. However, I do know that it takes time to swing the sword so you have to time it so it will contact the enemy at the right moment.

Sword vs Sniper rifle (bot):

Move left and right diagonally toward the enemy back and forth. You have a very good chance that the bot won't hit you. Then slash to your delight.

Sword vs Sniper rifle (enemy): Best to go to cover. Once there you can ambush the enemy by jumping and slashing downward. This maximizes the probability that you will hit the enemy without getting shot.

This is the most I know of so far about knives/swords. I may post a grenade tutorial later when I have time.

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[Image: cooltext1206791925_zps58ab60b5.gif]

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2013-08-21, 08:55 AM
RE: How to be godly with the knife (and sword).... tutorial
i like your idea for allowing team members with vision to see the knife. maybe ACR could implement something like this as a separate item (like a flare or something)

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