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RPG Projectile Based
2013-12-16, 01:04 PM,
RE: RPG Projectile Based
I think the reason why grenades don't explode is the same reason why when bots throw grenades they don't explode. They just stick in the ground and disappear. It seems like there is some part of the code that I can't find that controls when a grenade explodes, adding a GrenadeEnt or a derivation of GrenadeEnt and throwing it doesn't seem to do the trick itself....

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2013-12-19, 07:44 AM,
RE: RPG Projectile Based
Some stuff bout the nades: I really dont like the way grenades are implemented. I wanted to create an additional weapon once (C4) by copying and modifying the grenade code, bit after some hours fixing forgotten references and the resulting 0pointers I gave up. I know, there is no reallly easy way, but currently its all a bit confusing.
PS: havent looked at it yet, but do you know how RE does the nade stuff? Remeber they even have mines!!!

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