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multi-team teamplay
2013-04-19, 04:44 PM,
multi-team teamplay
In Cube, it is possible to play team based gamemodes with more than two teams. In Sauerbraten, it is possible with team based variants of the death match and in the two capture modes.

I didn't tried nor searched about AC but I believe it's impossible with.

According what I found in the ACR source code (version 2.5.6), it's clearly impossible with ACR...

... but why not in future versions ?

Ok, it's impossibe for the bomber and ctf gamemodes but the other gamemodes and mutators are adaptables to variants with three teams or more.
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2013-04-19, 07:07 PM,
RE: multi-team teamplay
This should definitely be put on the bug tracker. If it is not too hard to implement we might do so for a future release(2.5.9 maybe?).
How many people would want to see this?
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2013-04-19, 07:08 PM,
RE: multi-team teamplay
It was possible in AC before 1.1. In fact, it was one of my hacks so that I can nuke all the players without doing friendly fire.

Because ACR has replaced team strings with team integers, the teams need to be hardcoded. It might not be that easy to implement multiple teams.

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2013-04-21, 02:31 AM,
RE: multi-team teamplay
I think it wouldn't really fit into ACR's gameplay... the maps are to small to have more than 2 spawn points for the team, and bigger maps aren't that cool in ACR.
For example there are two spawn bases on the map "ac_desert", where do you want to place another one ?
Most maps are made for two teams, to have more spawn points for other teams there have to be bigger maps, but I think that would kill the fast gameplay of ACR.
And we'd need new playermodels which makes ACR a few MB bigger, and much more...

The "up to 4 teams" feature in RedEclipse (Sauerbraten engine) is really fun, but not everything which is cool in other games is cool in ACR too.
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