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General wepaon ideas/suggestion
2013-06-14, 09:03 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-06-14, 09:10 AM by niculinux.)
General wepaon ideas/suggestion

Just discovere this game (I used a bit assault cube "vanilla") and it's great!!

I just registered the forum also!! Also just ended a match (I always sucked at video games :X) and I'd kindly suggest to

1) change that M16A3 firing sound, the only awful thing I foun in assaultcube reloaded Confused

2) add an UZI 9mm!!

3) add a couple of machine guns!

a pkm:
[Image: pkm.jpg]

and a m6o:
[Image: EQG_WSAM60_1.jpg]

should be fine!
Thanks fot the great game!!!!! Heart

sorry forgot to come to pistols:

1) Aadd another one, possibly a revolver
2) chang firin sound of usp .38 (baaaad) :/

OK, that's really all Wink
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2013-06-14, 12:10 PM,
RE: General wepaon ideas/suggestion
I had an suggestion in the issues page about machineguns that are placed to a map and you can shoot them.You cant carry them or anything.

[Image: 3SVsNlV.png]
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2013-06-14, 06:45 PM,
RE: General wepaon ideas/suggestion
LMG's can be way to op or way under powered
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